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Take care of your wellness at home

With the Evergreen Life wellness app, you can get personalised insights on how to take care of your wellbeing at home, as well as connecting you to your GP services remotely whenever you need to.

Evergreen Life allows people to take control of their health, wellbeing and medical records, which is more important today than it has ever been.
Stephen Critchlow, CEO
Are you as well as you could be?

Knowing how to keep yourself healthy and well isn’t easy at the best of times. During this unprecedented period, we’re here to help you make the right choices to stay well with practical recommendations for the key areas of your wellbeing including Food, Fitness and Happiness.

Discover your Wellness Score

Improve your score with clinically referenced Wellness Checks and reviewed clinical articles, helping you work towards the wellness you want.
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Get connected to your GP

Save yourself time with NHS-assured patient online services. Book GP appointments easily, order repeat prescriptions and stay informed with access to your GP medical record.

Available at all GP practices in England now.

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Your most accurate record

Your up-to-date health information right when you need it. And give secure access to your family or health providers at the touch of a button to get the best care possible.

What is a personal health record?

Matt keeps on top of his Parkinson's medications and manages this together with his wife so everyone's clued up on his care.
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A new era of wellness

With the Evergreen Life app, we’re bringing you the next generation of wellness - one place to store your GP records and combine it with your lifestyle, fitness, mental health and DNA information. We want to help you stay as well as possible - take a look at all the app can offer below.

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"Easy to use and very convenient."

Much better than waiting ages on the phone. Puts you more in control and gives you useful articles on health and wellbeing.

February 2019, by Slimbaya.
"Getting it right!"

Directs your lifestyle issues in a meaningful way and suggests the best physical activities suited to your profile.

February 2019, by Anthony.
"Recommended and trusted by my GP."

Makes it easy for me to order my repeat prescriptions. Hassle free and keeps me organised!

August 2019, by Charly.
"What a wonderful way to order my prescriptions."

It's pouring down with rain and I would have had to go out and get soaking wet to travel to my doctor.

May 2019, by Susie.

case study

"Who knows my wellness better than me?"

Ingrid shares how her personal health record has transformed the way she manages her health - all from the palm of her hand.
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