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We’ve all got those areas of our wellbeing that we'd like to improve – whether it’s getting fitter, eating healthier, or having clearer skin.

Evergreen Life's health DNA test will provide you with unmatched insights and recommendations into these areas of your health and wellbeing, and give you the understanding you need to make meaningful lifestyle changes for the better.

Get answers, make changes, see the results. You're in control.


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One DNA test. Insights into four key areas.

Saturated & unsaturated fats

Learning how your body metabolises different types of fats will help you reach your health goals.

Cholesterol levels

Discover whether you've got genetically high cholesterol and what to do about it.

Carbohydrate metabolism

Know which carbohydrates to eat based on your metabolism and genetics.


Find out whether your genes influence your likelihood of gaining weight.

and many more insights to discover!


Your metabolism has a big impact on your weight and how your body converts food to energy.

Find out how your body works with DNA genetic testing so that you can get to your ideal weight.

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Strength vs Speed

Which exercise is likely to give you the best results?

Fat loss

What type of exercise is going to get you shedding those lbs most effectively?

Muscle gain

What type of strength exercise is going to help you build muscle?

Injury risk

Discover your genetic risk of sports injuries, so you can plan your workout safely.

and many more insights to discover!


Tailor your exercise and workout plan based on what works best for your body. Unlock your fitness potential with an at home DNA test kit.

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Caffeine keeping you awake?

Knowing more about your coffee-drinking habits can help you improve your sleep and wellbeing.

Sweet or savoury?

Find out why you may be craving chocolate over crisps.

Vitamin deficiencies

Find out whether you're susceptible to certain nutrient deficiencies, such as Vitamin D, omegas-3 and 6, and folic acid.

Going dairy-free?

If you’re getting lactose intolerance symptoms, see whether your genes could play a part.

and many more insights to discover!


High fat, low carb – low fat, high carb. Arrrgh…confusing! How’d you know which foods to eat?

Don’t follow the diet trends, create the diet that works for you by understanding your genetic nutrition.

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Skin drying out?

Finding out if you’ve got genetically dry skin can help you create a skincare routine that keeps you moisturised and hydrated.

Anti-ageing tips

Understand how your genetics influence how your skin ages.

Stretch marks and cellulite

Are you more likely to develop stretch marks or cellulite than others, and what can you do about it?

Risk from UV damage

Discover how your skin responds to sun exposure and what steps you can take to protect yourself.

and many more insights to discover!


Put the science into skincare. Unlock your skin’s secrets so you can customise your routine and protect your skin health from the inside and out.

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Actionable advice. Backed by science.

Your DNA results are delivered with detailed explanations and evidence-based steps you could consider to get the best out of your genetics. All designed by our team of Wellness Experts.

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How our genetic testing works

Collect your DNA

Give a saliva sample using the home DNA test kit we send you. Just link your kit, spit in the tube, and post it back to us.


DNA analysis

Our certified UK-based lab analyses your DNA and interprets the unique information held in your genes.

Get DNA results

Within 4-6 weeks, we’ll let you know when your DNA results are ready in the Evergreen Life app.

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Your data is always secure.

From ordering the DNA testing kit, to processing your sample, to receiving your DNA results, your personal data is always encrypted and protected.

“Fantastic personalised insight.”

I’ve learnt insights into my DNA that I had not realised, and I have made adjustments to my life as a result. Each of the results has solid peer-reviewed science behind it. I’m an okay gym user and managed to lift a 500lbs bench press, so it was also interesting to understand that these power attributes are in my DNA.

“Fascinating to read”

I just received my DNA results back from Evergreen Life and have been really pleased with the whole process.

"Absolutely fantastic."

I’ve learnt insights into my DNA that I had not realised, and I have made adjustments to my life as a result.

"Just what I was needing!"

I was concerned about certain aspects of my health, and wanted to know how best to exercise to improve my general wellbeing. The results are helping me to understand how I can do this and feel healthier and better about myself. The results were incredibly detailed and very scientific, with info on the specific genetic markers.

“Very impressed.”

Really clear results, easily accessed with an app. It has recommended a few simple lifestyle changes, such as being more careful when I have caffeine based on my genetic results. I'm already starting to see some benefits!

“Fascinating insight”

I can now see how several genes work on every aspect of my health, some in favour, some against. I’ve already changed my diet among other things to work better with my genes to help my health and fitness. I was also pleased to see proper scientific information behind the results.

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DNA. What makes you unique.

Your DNA is like your body’s own instruction manual. It determines traits such as height and eye colour, as well as how your body functions.

Through advances in genetic research and SNP genotyping technology, you’re now able to discover how your genes influence many areas of your health.

SNP Chip

Get answers, make changes.

By knowing more about the variations of the genes you have, you can make informed decisions to improve your health and wellbeing - such as tailoring your exercise regime.

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Take control of your health and wellbeing with our home DNA test into four key lifestyle areas. Get insights, take action. You're in control.

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