Digital-first consultations for GP Practices

Evergreen Life has enabled remote working for all GPs in England through digital-first consultations, including video-based appointments.

What are digital-first consultations?

The Evergreen Life app enables digital-first consultations through remote working for clinicians, including video-based appointments, with or without access to the regular practice IT system.

Patients can book a digital consultation, share their record instantly with the clinician, and any notes and prescriptions can be written back to the GP system.

Why Evergreen Life?

Through our patient-powered app, Evergreen Life is uniquely positioned to support all clinicians who have access to their regular practice system, as well as those who cannot access their practice system remotely. We are linked with all three major clinical systems in England, and can therefore support all GP practices.

Only provider of patient record access

For those unable to access their practice system, Evergreen Life is the only provider that allows patients to grant access to their health records and information instantly, via the app.

Available at all GP practices in England

The Evergreen Life app is connected to all three major clinical systems in the country.

Patients can GP link remotely

Patients can connect to their GP without visiting the surgery using NHS login or remote Online Registration.

Simple and secure access

Our video consultations are peer-to-peer encrypted and therefore IG compliant.

How it works

All the clinician and the patient needs is the Evergreen Life app downloaded on a smartphone or tablet.

Evergreen Life supports consultations for clinicians both with and without access to their regular GP system.
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