Meet the team

Meet the Evergreen Wellness Experts

We are people that work to empower other people. A team of motivated, innovative and relatable individuals, changing the healthcare world for good.

Traditional medicine diagnoses and treats disease, but this is applied to the population as a whole - only some people will end up benefiting from this approach. Reducing, avoiding and even treating most sickness can be achieved through simple diet and lifestyle choices. And the key is to personalise your choices.

We're here to help you on your personal wellbeing journey

Our team has been established to help you personalise your approach to health and wellbeing, taking into account the answers to your Wellness Checks, your medical record, your personal health record, and your genetics (if you've done our DNA test).

Your starting point?
Your Wellness Score. It indicates how well you are and combines views from each of our Wellness Experts with questionnaires that are researched, referenced and reviewed by this team. Once you've completed this, we'll start sending you personalised content to help you get the health and wellness you want and deserve.
We know how important it is that you feel well - so you can do the things you enjoy every day. Whatever your goal, we'd like to help you better understand your own wellness with personalised information, so you can be as well as you can be.

Evergreen Life may receive funding from affiliates. We may offer links to products or services if our research shows it could be beneficial for you. But we're always committed to delivering questionnaires and articles driven only by the research of our in-house Wellness Experts. We do not take any funding to promote any product or service.

Stephen Critchlow

Founder, CEO and Chair of Wellbeing Team
Health IT Expert and former NHS pharmacist

Stephen started his career as a clinical pharmacist and is now passionate about the underlying causes of ill health and how to improve wellbeing. His experience includes chairing a drug and therapeutics committee in the NHS. This helps him bring together the differing views of wellness from the medical profession, the world of alternative medicine, and advice given to us by personal trainers, all of whom are represented in the wellbeing team.

His second degree studied the impact of genetics on the metabolism of drugs, and he went on to lead a team that delivered a national Total Parenteral Nutrition System where he learned the fundamentals of nutrition. This system continued to be used internationally. He sees his job to ensure any information offered within the app has been referenced and provided to users without any agenda or bias

James Harmsworth-King

Head of Wellbeing
Medical Expert

Dr Brian Fisher MBE

Strategy and Clinical Director
Medical Expert with 42 years experience as a GP

With 42 years experience as a GP, Brian supports people in staying as fit and well as possible by having more control over their health and healthcare. He's interested in user involvement in the NHS, championing patient record access which has helped the UK shift to a national programme that includes record access as routine. In the Wellbeing Team, Brian offers his extensive medical knowledge to inform the referenced Wellness Checks and articles.

Caron Lim

Digital Health Coach
Genetics Expert

Having previously worked as a genetic counsellor, Caron is interested in helping people understand how they can improve their health and wellbeing. She supports families and individuals to make the most informed decisions by helping them better understand their genetic information. Her role within the Wellbeing Team is also to coordinate the referencing and review of all Wellness Checks and clinical articles.

Matt Jolley

Fitness Consultant
Fitness Expert and certified personal trainer

Matt is a qualified Level 4 master personal trainer with a specialism in obesity and diabetes. He enjoys encouraging positive fitness and nutritional changes to help everyone lead a healthier life. He is also qualified as an Exercise Referral Instructor, supporting people to partake in exercise when they have a higher risk of injury, cardiovascular issues or other long-term conditions. Within the Wellbeing Team, he offers his exercise expertise to enable our app users to get the most from their fitness, to ultimately enhance how well they feel.

Nicky Verity

Wellbeing Researcher
Research Expert and former NHS pharmacist

Nicky previously worked as a clinical pharmacist and is now a qualified Human Potential Coach, committed to empowering others to help themselves. Her role as Wellbeing Researcher focuses on facilitating access to information and knowledge so people are better equipped to make decisions about their health and wellbeing.