We call it People Powered Health and we mean it.

We’re putting the individual at the heart of healthcare so they can feel better informed and more in control of their health. It’s about people being in control of their health information and being able to share it with whomever they choose, in order to get the health and care they want.

We are people that work to empower other people. A team of motivated, innovative and relatable individuals, changing the healthcare world for good.

Stephen Critchlow
Founder, CEO and Chair of Wellbeing Team
Mark Hindle
Chief Operating Officer
Andrew Muir-Simpson
Finance Director
Paul Henderson
Head of Health and Life Sciences
Phill Williams
Chief Technical Officer
Thom Trinidad-Bates
Customer Experience Manager
Steven Skarratt
Head of Solution Delivery
Roisin McCann
Content Manager
Rob Murgatroyd
PFS Product Manager
Rike Catalani
UI/UX Designer
Peter Kingswell
Workplace Experience Manager
Nicky Verity
Wellbeing Researcher
Mike Gregory
Matt Jolley
Fitness Consultant
Matt Hartley
Software Developer
Matt Freedman
Commercial Manager
Mason Cook
Digital Designer
Lee Campbell
Software Developer
Lachlan Clark
Operations Director
Helen McKnight
Head of Medicines
Dr Brian Fisher MBE
Strategy and Clinical Director
Claire Williams
Head of Marketing
Claire Giantzides
Digital Champion
Caron Lim
Digital Health Coach
Callum Fallows
Ben Thompson
System Architect
Andy Elliot
Senior Developer