Join our Evergreen Life ambassador family!


Join our Evergreen Life ambassador family!

November 15, 2018

Are you enthusiastic about your health and wellbeing? We’re on the lookout for passionate people to become our Evergreen Life ambassadors and shout about us!

Whether you’re a fitness fanatic, a busy parent, or you manage a health condition, you can take control of your health and inspire others to do the same. Based on how you're getting on, you could even be in with the chance of winning exciting an amazing Evergreen Life DNA test as reward for all your hard work! Sound exciting? Find out how you can get involved…

What’s our vision?

Take control of your health – it’s your data: you own it, you share it. With Evergreen Life, you can get a complete, joined up picture of your health and own your personal health record in the palm of your hands. We’re all about ‘people powered health’ – that means we put people at the heart of every decision involving their healthcare. And as one of our ambassadors, we want you to inspire others to do just that.

What does it mean to be an ambassador?

As one of our ambassadors, you’d be raising awareness of how Evergreen Life can help people take control of their health and wellbeing through our personal health record app and DNA testing. Our aim is to get like-minded people together so that we can inspire one another and keep each other motivated to help as many people as possible take more control of their own health and wellbeing.

How do I become an ambassador?

You can apply to be an Evergreen Life ambassador by filling in the agreement contract here and sending to us at

What happens after I sign up?

After signing the agreement, you’ll be added to our Facebook community group where we’ll give you important updates and all your digital training on how to use our app. You can also chat with other ambassadors about your experiences and share any ideas you have on there. We’ll run live Facebook Q&A sessions for any extra support you need.

You’ll also get your ambassador welcome pack which includes:

  • A free Evergreen Life t-shirt – wear it with pride!
  • Leaflets to hand out to people and GP practices
  • Posters to display in GP practices
  • A helpful booklet to give you more info about being an ambassador

What kind of activities could I do?

It’s up to you how much you want to do – you’re in control. And you can do whatever activities you think will make a difference in spreading awareness of Evergreen Life. But, to give you some starting points, you could:

  • Visit your local GP practice and ask to leave leaflets in the waiting room.
  • Give leaflets and posters to your local gym or library.
  • Make sure to spread the word whenever and wherever you can, like social events,classes, groups or clubs.
  • Spend an hour or so each week chatting to patients in the waiting room of your GP practice telling them a bit more about Evergreen Life (make sure to ask your practice staff if this is okay).
  • Post what you’re doing on your social media and share Evergreen Life’s posts, videos and blogs with your followers.
  • Encourage your friends, family and followers to download and regularly use the app

What benefits do I get from being an ambassador?

Being an Evergreen Life ambassador can be pretty fulfilling. You’ll be able to take control of your own health as well as help others do the same. You’ll also be helping support your NHS by taking the pressure off GP practices and their staff.

You will play an important role in helping us understand our app users and customers and providing feedback to us on their views and experiences. Most importantly, you’ll be the first to hear about exciting new things coming in the app. 

You’ll get to chat to people about something you’re passionate about. You’ll get to meet new people and gain new skills along the way. We think you’d love being part of our ambassador team!

Become an ambassador and WIN!

We'll be running regular competitions based on your progress with signing people up to use Evergreen Life, so you could be in with the chance of winning an exciting DNA test!

Feel like you're up to the job?

Fill in the agreement contract here and send it back to us at And if you'd just like some more details, please get in touch.