What if you could unlock the secrets to your perfect diet and ideal body? Just ask your DNA. Discover your genetic potential with the latest science-backed research and DNA testing.

All you need to know about our DNA testing kits

All about Evergreen Life's DNA testing kits - how to order, what’s included, what happens in the testing process and the results.

The science behind our DNA tests: What is DNA and why is it important?

We take a look at the science behind our DNA testing kits, explaining what DNA is, why is DNA important & how genetic testing can tell you more about your diet, fitness, metabolism & skin.

Personalise your anti-ageing skincare routine according to your genetics

Evergreen Life looks at how your unique DNA can reveal the best anti-ageing skincare routine for your skin type and how to protect yourself against oxidative sun damage.

Drying out? Your DNA could be affecting your skin dryness

The arrival of winter can have a big impact on your skin. But it goes more than skin deep, and our DNA can have a lot to answer for when it comes to the condition of your skin.

Jeans vs genes – Does your DNA make you fat?

It’s that time of year when the nights get darker and the weather turns colder, and many of us go into ‘hibernation mode’...

The All-over Lobster Look – How do you tan and how much is down to your skin DNA?

Why do some people burn faster than others? The simple answer is that it has a lot to do with our skin DNA. Read more

Feeling flushed? Why alcohol might give your face a red glow

Why does your face turn red when you drink alcohol? Find out why some people react to alcohol while others don’t turn the colour of a tomato