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The answers to the body you've always wanted

If your workout isn’t working out for you, getting insights into your fitness genes could get you better results, faster.

Stop wasting time and improve your efficiency with an Evergreen Life DNA Test. Find out what the best exercise is for you.

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Evergreen Life Genetic Testing

Your DNA can change your life


Click, swab, post – order online and post your cheek swab back to us as soon as you can. Simple.


When your results are ready, get them in your Evergreen Life app and start discovering more about the inner you straight away.


Ready, set, GO! Use your insights to tailor your lifestyle and get the best out of your genetics.

The Evergreen Life difference

How are we different?

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No pain, no blood.

Just a simple cheek cotton bud swab provided with our home DNA test kit. It couldn’t be easier!
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On-the-go results

Your DNA in your hands. View your results in the Evergreen Life app and discover your insights wherever and whenever!
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Track your health goals

Your DNA insights and health information in one place. Record the changes you’re making and monitor your progress within the Evergreen Life app.
Don't just learn, take action!

All these insights and more!

Tailor your workout towards the body you want.

Exercise and muscle recovery

Does your workout leave your muscles sore? Learn about your recovery rate and whether you're prone to injury, so you get back to exercising faster and harder.

Endurance vs strength exercise

Make your workouts more effective! Are you more suited to endurance exercise based on your genetics? Or maybe strength training is better for your body.

Best exercise for weight loss

What’s the best exercise to lose weight? It all depends on your genetics! Learn which workouts will blitz your body fat.

Muscle strength

Discover how easily your body builds muscle and strength - and find out how to get better results from your training.

HIIT your fitness targets

Is the latest fitness craze for you? Learn
whether you'd benefit from breaking up your cardio exercise with HIIT.

Wait, there's more?

Discover our other
DNA insights

You'll also get insights into three other key lifestyle areas:

DNA Insights


DNA Insights


DNA Insights


Take Action now

DNA insights into four key lifestyle areas

Get insights, take action. You're in control.

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Insights avaiable in the Evergreen Life app.

View your results in our handy and simple-to-use Evergreen Life app, so you can discover your DNA insights wherever and whenever you want.