DNA Metabolic Testing

Understand how your body works

How does your metabolic rate affect your diet and lifestyle? Metabolism is about your body’s chemical reactions, like digestion and how your body converts food to energy. It has a big impact on your weight and how you store fat.

With an Evergreen Life DNA Test, you can understand how your body works through your genetics and how you might be able to make lifestyle changes to get the best out of your metabolism.

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Evergreen Life Genetic Testing

Your DNA can change your life


Click, swab, post – order online and post your cheek swab back to us as soon as you can. Simple.


When your results are ready, get them in your Evergreen Life app and start discovering more about the inner you straight away.


Ready, set, GO! Use your insights to tailor your lifestyle and get the best out of your genetics.

The Evergreen Life difference

How are we different?

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No pain, no blood.

Just a simple cheek cotton bud swab provided with our home DNA test kit. It couldn’t be easier!
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On-the-go results

Your DNA in your hands. View your results in the Evergreen Life app and discover your insights wherever and whenever!
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Track your health goals

Your DNA insights and health information in one place. Record the changes you’re making and monitor your progress within the Evergreen Life app.
Don't just learn, take action!

All these insights and more!

Metabolic testing can help you take steps to speed up your metabolic rate.

The fat gene

How does your DNA affect your weight and BMI? Get to the weight you want to be with genetic testing.

Fat digestion

If you're confused about what fats to include in your diet, your genes can tell you if butter is better than vegetable oil, or whether you should reduce your fat intake entirely.

How your metabolism changes with age

Is your metabolism likely to slow down as you get older? Know whether you should boost your activity level to avoid gaining weight as you age.

Carbohydrate breakdown

Piling too many potatoes on your plate? By learning how you metabolise carbs, you can make informed changes so you get the most out of your meals.

Get the low down on cholesterol

Genetics can determine your cholesterol levels. See whether you should be monitoring your intake of processed foods and trans fats to keep your heart health in-check.

Wait, there's more?

Discover our other
DNA insights

You'll also get insights into three other key lifestyle areas:

DNA Insights


DNA Insights


DNA Insights


Take Action now

DNA insights into four key lifestyle areas

Get insights, take action. You're in control.

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Insights avaiable in the Evergreen Life app.

View your results in our handy and simple-to-use Evergreen Life app, so you can discover your DNA insights wherever and whenever you want.

Your DNA test order

Your Evergreen Life DNA test includes genetic insights into four areas of your lifestyle:

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DNA tests summary

DNA Diet insights:
  • Risk of vitamin deficiencies 
  • Lactose intolerance 
  • Salt and sugar cravings
  • Caffeine metabolism 
  • Your tendency to overeat 
16 insights in total
DNA Metabolism insights:
  • Carbohydrate metabolism 
  • Saturated fat digestion 
  • Cholesterol levels
  • Body Mass Index factors
  • Likelihood of weight gain 
22 insights in total
DNA Fitness insights:
  • Endurance training 
  • Cardio performance 
  • Fat loss
  • Muscle recovery
  • Blood sugar regulation
22 insights in total
DNA Skin insights
  • Skin ageing factors
  • UV sun damage sensitivity
  • Skin dryness
  • Risk of stretch marks 
  • Risk of cellulite
21 insights in total
Collection kit includes:
  • Cheek cell collection swab
  • Instructions booklet
  • Free post envelope
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