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Electronic Health Record

Own your GP medical history and test results with 24/7 access to your electronic health record, helping you achieve better and safer healthcare at the tap of a button.

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What is an Electronic Health Record?

With the Evergreen Life wellness app, you can connect to your EHR which is an online version of your GP record. This allows instant access to your current and past medical information held by your GP.

What can I access with my Electronic Health Record?

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An overview of allergies, medications, conditions, and other health issues recorded by your GP practice.
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Look over doctor's notes made during appointments at your GP practice.
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A history of any medications prescribed by your GP practice.
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Always have your GP practice letters and documents to hand when you need them.
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Check and refer back to results of tests carried out at your GP practice.
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A list of vaccinations administered by your GP practice.

How an EHR helps you take control

Improved efficiency

Reduce delays to your treatment with instant and secure access to your health information anytime, anywhere.

Know your own health

Stay informed and feel confident to make decisions in your own care with your health information at your fingertips.

Save NHS money

Fewer medical errors and no more lost paperwork means lower costs for your NHS.

Safer care

An up-to-date EHR improves the accuracy and clarity of records through better doctor-patient interaction.

Easy as 1, 2, 3

Read our step-by-step guide on how to connect to your GP record in 3 easy steps.
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Patrick's story

Access to his Electronic Health Record allowed Patrick to view test results from the last 30 years, helping him get his health back on track. Read Patrick's story.

The NHS in your hands

Access to your Electronic Health Record also allows you to manage your GP services online, so you can book appointments and order repeat prescriptions, and feel more in control of your health information.

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