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Medication reminders in your medicine diary app

Give yourself one less thing to worry about. Never forget to take your medications again with the Evergreen Life medicine app, helping you safely manage your own or your family’s health.

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Never miss a pill with medication reminders

Whether you need to take a daily contraceptive pill or are on a short course of antibiotics, setting medicine reminders can safeguard that you never miss an important dosage.

My ‘medical lifesaver’ app

Being chronically ill, my memory is chronically awful and I have dozens of medications to remember - and I’ve never had all that information in one place.

But not anymore because everything, and I mean everything is on my Evergreen Life app. The medication diary is incredible; it shows all my medications, I set reminders for them and can tick off when I’ve had them.
-Sarah Lex

Track your doses in the medication diary

Recording whether or not you’ve taken your pills with the medication diary removes the risk of missing a dosage or taking a double dose, keeping you and your loved ones safe.
Your own medical secretary
Track single or multiple medications easily by recording everything from dosage, frequency, condition, and even include photos in the medication management app.
Illustration of medication reminders
Keep them on track
We know it’s stressful not knowing if your loved ones have taken their meds correctly. The Evergreen Life medicine app allows them to share this recorded information with you, so you get that much-needed peace of mind.
Improve your treatment
You can share your medication diary with your GP securely using trusted access, helping you both make informed treatment decisions and improve medicine adherence.

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