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Give yourself the best chance of a healthier, happier life by measuring and tracking your physical and mental health.

Discover key insights about your wellbeing with the Evergreen Life Wellness Score. Take control of your health by finding out your score in the app today.

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What’s your Wellness Score?

Taking control of your health starts with understanding it. Based on your answers to clinically-reviewed wellbeing questionnaires, the app generates your Wellness Score (scored out of 100) that helps you see if you’re doing all you can to stay healthy.

Personalised wellness tips

In the wellness app, your questionnaire results provide practical insights on how to improve different areas of your wellbeing like sleep, fitness, diet and happiness – with new questionnaires added all the time to help you discover more.

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Track and improve your wellbeing

You can monitor your progress by using the app as a wellbeing tracker to help reach your goals.

See how your fitness changes over time, choose to track your eating habits, happiness levels and more, and get a fuller picture of your wellbeing.

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Motivate others

Do you care about the wellbeing of your loved ones? Maybe you want to encourage them to improve their wellness? If you decide to, you can share what you discover with your friends and family, empowering others to do all they can to stay well.

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Discover more about your wellness in the app

Give yourself the best chance of a longer, healthier life. We can help point you in the right direction. Find out your Wellness Score today.

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