DNA Fitness Test

Getting into fitness can sometimes be tough, so it’s good to know what exercise plan will work best for you before you begin.

With an Evergreen Life DNA Fitness Test you can find out how your body will respond to endurance training, power training, exercise recovery, muscle strength and joint function, enabling you to tailor your fitness to what will suit and work for you best.

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Our DNA Fitness Test

As part of the fitness test, you can find out things like:

Endurance exercise performance

Are you more suited to endurance exercise based on your genetics, and which exercises are likely to give you the outcome you want? We can help you learn more!

Exercise recovery

Your genetics may reveal why you may be more prone to injury than others, or why you may need a longer recovery period between intense exercise sessions.

Strength exercise performance

Perhaps you’re more suited to strength training? Your results from the DNA fitness test will help you to understand how to get the best from your exercise plan.

Muscle strength

Are you the kind of person that can build muscle and strength easily? Or perhaps you need to increase your training intensity to get the results you want? Your test results can help you make an informed decision.

Discover more about the inner you

We also have DNA testing kits to help you find out more about your diet, metabolism and skin. Why not order all four, you can get more value for your money and your insights by ordering a full DNA testing kit.


Our Evergreen Life DNA Metabolism Test can help you understand how your metabolism can affect your weight

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Learn how you can refocus and learn how to protect your skin with our Evergreen Life DNA skin test based on your genetic makeup

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See how our Evergreen Life DNA Diet Test can help you make an informed decision about the right things to eat for you

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To view your results and gain insights into your DNA, you’ll need to download the Evergreen Life app.
As well as your DNA insights, the app gives you control of your health, fitness and wellbeing. Whether you want to book a GP appointment, order a repeat prescription or keep track of your measurements, you can do it all in Evergreen Life.

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Start your own journey of self-discovery, order your DNA test today and make your first step to discover the inner you. You can order just the fitness DNA test or a full DNA test covering not only fitness but diet, metabolism and skin.

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