Frequently asked questions


Downloading the app

What devices can I download the Evergreen Life app on to?

The Evergreen Life app can be downloaded to devices running IOS 10 and above and all devices running Android 7 and above. 

Where can I download the app from?

The Evergreen Life app is available from the Apple store, Google Play and the iTunes store.

Using the app

How do I change my password?

To change your password simply log on to the app, click on to the menu and enter the ‘Security Settings’. Here you will be able to change your password as well as set password prompts and recovery emails.

What do I do if I need help using the app?

The Evergreen Life app has been designed and tested to be as user-friendly and intuitive as possible. However, if you do require further help then please get in touch with our team here.

What happens to my medication reminders if I go abroad or the clocks go back/forward?

The app will adjust to new Time Zones or Daylight Saving Time adjustments as long as users close down the app completely and re-login to the app following a time change or adjustment. Evergreen Life recommend,

  • Users close down the app completely and re-login to the app when they travel into a new time zone to allow the medication diary and reminders to synchronise with the new time zone.  If the time zone you have moved to means that you skip over a scheduled medication time slot in the app you will need to go back and record this manually.
  • Users close down the app completely and re-login to the app after a clock change due to Daylight Saving Time adjustments to allow the medication diary and reminders to synchronise with the new time.

Record Sharing

How can I share my health record?

This is your information, you own it and you are in control of it. 

However, there are benefits to sharing your data, when you choose to. We know sometimes that the health professionals you meet don’t always have your up-to-date health information and this can result in delays in your care or the same questions being asked over and over again.  Wouldn’t it be great if you always had your health record with you at every appointment or in an emergency at the touch of a button? We know sometimes that people with busy lives who care for say, an older parent or grandparent can experience a lot of extra worry and stress when they cannot access information to support their loved one in their care. Wouldn’t it be great if you could tell if your loved one had managed to take those important lunch-time medications at the touch of a button? We know sometimes that people want to be positively engaged in their fitness and long-term health and want to stay as fit as possible for as long as possible. Wouldn’t it be great if you could start sharing your health goals with your doctor and get expert advice on your health and fitness in one place at the touch of a button? Sharing your health record could not be simpler.  Just go to Account and Security, select the Share & Care feature and enter the email address of the person you wish to share your Personal Health Record with. The app will send them a link to download the app and they can accept your sharing request and switch to view your profile. If they already have an Evergreen Life Personal Health Record account then your sharing request will automatically appear in the Share & Care feature of their app. Don’t forget you are completely in control of your health record so if at any time you wish to stop sharing your record this is possible at the touch of a button.

I am a healthcare professional. How can I access my patient’s health record?

People can share their Personal Health Records with any Health Professional they choose to. All they need is your email address, which they enter in the Share & Care feature of the app. Evergreen Life will then send you an invite to download the app where you will see that your patient has sent you a sharing request. Simply accept the sharing request and you will be able to switch to their profile and see their Personal Health Record and any of their observations such as blood pressure, peak expiratory flow or blood glucose results.

How secure is my data?

We will help keep your personal health record data safe, secure and private.

  • Your personal health record is password protected to prevent unauthorised access by anyone else.
  • The data that is entered, transmitted and stored is encrypted to prevent any unauthorised use of the data.
  • The data is stored in secure servers and data centers.  These servers or data centers are located within the European Economic Area and the data is always treated and stored securely.

The electronic transmission of data over the internet is never completely secure but Evergreen Life endeavor to make the service as secure as possible and provide security similar to those provided by banking operators.



Can my company advertise with you?

Evergreen Life are currently not looking to advertise within our app.

Would you like to advertise with my company?

If you would like to present Evergreen Life with any advertising opportunities, please send us an email with full details to


How do I find out about career opportunities at Evergreen Life?

All job vacancies will be displayed on the Evergreen Life careers page which is currently under construction. For all other inquiries please get in touch with our team here.



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Who writes the blog articles?

Here at Evergreen Life, we have over 20 years combined experience in the medical field as well as over 60 combined years’ experience in healthcare IT. We use this knowledge to write and publish the most informative and fact-checked articles possible.


Can I write for you or suggest a topic?

Though we aren’t currently looking for any contributors, we’re always eager to hear your suggestions on article topics. Just send us an email to


Technical Support

How do I contact technical support?

If you need help and support with any technical issues within the Evergreen Life app, please get in touch with us here.


How do I contact technical support?

If you need help and support with any technical issues within the Evergreen Life app, please get in touch with us here.


Ordering and Shipping

How can I pay for my DNA test?

You can use PayPal, allowing you to choose from a range of different payment choices (e.g. credit card, debit card, existing PayPal balance) whilst providing you high levels of security.

How long will it take to receive my kit after I place my order?

Your DNA kit will be dispatched to you following confirmation of your order. Please allow 7 business days for delivery.

What is the turnaround time for results?

Results can usually be accessed within 6-8 weeks of receiving your sample. If there is likely to be a delay for any reason, we will contact you.

Can I order this as a gift for someone else?

Yes. Details are collected on a form within the DNA collection kit. As long as a valid shipping address is provided, this can be sent straight to the recipient as a gift.

I am not based in the UK, can I still order a test?

At this time, we are only processing orders from within the UK.

How is my sample tracked?

How will I know when my sample has reached the lab?

You will be notified by email when your sample has been received at the lab. If you have already downloaded the Evergreen Life mobile app you will also receive a notification in your app.

How does the test work?

How do I perform the test?

Taking an Evergreen Life DNA test is very easy. Simply order your DNA collection kit and it will be delivered to your mailing address. Inside the kit, you will find an ear-bud like swab that you rub on the inside of your cheek to collect cheek cells containing your DNA. You can then post it back to the lab for analysis using the postage paid return box. Your results will be uploaded to your health record , and you will be notified via email (or via your Evergreen Life app if you’ve already downloaded) when they are ready. Then you can easily login to your Evergreen Life app (or download) to view your results.

What happens to my sample once it reaches the lab?

Once your sample reaches the lab, you will be notified via the email address you have provided in the enclosed form (and through your Evergreen Life app if you have already downloaded). Your DNA will be extracted from your cheek cells and will be tested to confirm there is enough DNA for analysis. If there is not enough DNA, or your sample is not valid for any reason, you will be notified. We can arrange for a new DNA collection kit to be sent to you. The sample is then tested using a process called SNP genotyping and is analysed for a particular set of genetic markers based on which test you have selected.

What is genotyping?

Genotyping is the process of determining a person’s genetic makeup. Evergreen Life DNA tests use SNP genotyping to confirm which version of a gene an individual has. Different versions of genes can indicate certain traits.

Why do some samples fail analysis?

Occasionally samples do fail analysis. This could be due to insufficient amounts of DNA to run the test or contamination of the sample. If this is the case, we will contact you and arrange another collection box to be sent out to you. The best way to avoid sample failure is to read and follow the instructions provided with your DNA collection kit.

Understanding your results

How are my results delivered?

Simply login to your existing Evergreen Life app, or download the app. Your results will be added to your ‘My DNA’ page and we will let you know when they are ready.

Will the DNA tests diagnose any illnesses?

No, Evergreen Life DNA tests are not diagnostic and are not used to report your current state of health. The insights you receive from Evergreen Life DNA tests are designed so that you can take steps to improve your health, wellbeing and fitness and get the most from your genetics.

Will my results come with an explanation?

Yes, Evergreen Life DNA tests are designed to provide you with insights into your health, wellbeing and fitness. You will receive not only your DNA results, but also an explanation of what it means and recommendations of how you can get the most out of your genetics.

What does it mean when one of my results comes back as ‘inconclusive’?

Some rarer genotypes are not tested for, therefore if you have a rare genotype for a particular SNP, or a genotype that has not yet been associated with a particular trait, it may be that we can’t provide a result for that particular SNP. This will be displayed as ‘inconclusive’ in your results, but this is very rare.

Ethics and Data Protection

Do you test under 16s?

No, we do not test anyone under the age of 16.

How do you store and protect my data?

Your results are confidential and are not shared with anyone outside of Evergreen Life and the processing laboratory. Your data is stored securely on the Evergreen Life app and cannot be accessed by anyone other than you.

Do you analyse all of my DNA?

No. We only analyse a subset of specific genetic markers relating to the test you have chosen.

What happens to my DNA after the test?

After your DNA has been tested, any remaining sample is destroyed after one month.

Where is the information and evidence sourced to support interpretation of the DNA results?

The insights provided by our DNA tests are based on peer-reviewed scientific research and studies, and are reviewed internally by our in-house scientists, medical professionals and fitness experts. Upon buying the DNA test, the references to the published research papers that the results are based on are provided so that you can read further into the topic if you would like to.