Covid Vaccination

What can we learn from our community about the UK’s COVID vaccination rollout?

What we've found

  • The majority of Evergreen Life users who’ve had the COVID vaccination have reported no side effects or just a sore arm at the point of injection.
  • The vaccine rollout coincides with a drop in average anxiety levels for all age groups in our community.
  • The under 30s remain the most anxious age group among our community.
  • The AstraZeneca vaccine has been administered to more Evergreen Life users than the Pfizer vaccine.

The UK’s COVID-19 vaccine rollout began on 8th December 2020. We’ve been asking people in our Evergreen Life community to record their jab in the app, to encourage everyone to keep an accurate health record and so we can all understand more about the impact of the vaccines. Here’s what we’ve found out.

Side effects

We looked at what side effects people who’ve had the COVID-19 vaccines have reported.

The chart above shows that the majority of people who’ve had a COVID vaccine in the Evergreen Life community are reporting either no side effects or just arm pain at the site of injection. The next most common is general aches, or mild flu-like symptoms.

Vaccination rollout and anxiety levels

Statistics show that in 2020, perhaps understandably, average anxiety in the UK jumped to its highest level since records began. We’ve explored how people in the Evergreen Life community have been reporting anxiety levels over the last 12 months.

The line graph above shows that average anxiety levels in our community were highest just before April 2020. There’s been a significant drop in anxiety as the vaccine has been rolled out. However, those under 30 remain more anxious than the other age groups.

Vaccine distribution

Which of the two available vaccines have been administered more frequently? From the chart below, we can see that despite being later to the party, AstraZeneca has been administered to more Evergreen Life users.

Stay safe and please record in the app when you have your vaccine, if you haven’t already.

For further information about the COVID vaccine, please read the NHS guidance here.