What can we learn from our community about sleep?

What we've found

  • Evergreen Life users who sleep well are happier.*
  • Our users with a regular sleep schedule tend to get to sleep more quickly.*
  • Those who spend at least 30 minutes outside per day tend to fall asleep more quickly.*
  • People in the community who eat foods with added sugar tend to take longer to fall asleep.*
These insights are based on correlations which are statistical links between two sets of data. While we focus only on more plausible and interesting links, they should not be seen to imply cause or effect.

Sleep satisfaction

In our Health Indicators Check, we ask ‘How satisfied are you with your sleep?’ This is what our Evergreen Life community said:

Sleep helps our body and mind regenerate from the stresses and strains of daily life. Therefore, we’re exploring with our users whether poor sleep affects overall wellbeing, specifically happiness. It seems that it is strongly associated.

Does sleep affect happiness?

It’s clear from the graph above that our sleep significantly impacts our happiness. People whose lives are not affected by poor sleep report feeling happier. Now that we better understand how sleep impacts aspects of our overall wellbeing, we’re interested to learn what lifestyle factors we may be able to change to help improve our sleep quality. So what can we learn from our users who sleep well?

What might improve your sleep?

A way to measure whether we’re sleeping well is by noticing how long it takes to fall asleep. The chart below shows how different factors that you can influence are associated with falling asleep quickly among our community. The green bars indicate a higher likelihood of falling asleep within 30 minutes, the red shows a lower likelihood. For example, we can see that users are more likely to fall asleep quickly if they go to bed at a regular time. However, we can't say that one causes the other.§

How to sleep better

If you want to learn more about how to improve your sleep, why not try our 6 steps to better sleep?