GP Online Services

Evergreen Life GP online services give you access to a range of services your GP offers via your mobile or desktop computer.

Interacting with your GP should be as easy as booking a flight online, or requesting a taxi through a mobile app. It shouldn’t be a waiting game to get the healthcare that you need. At Evergreen Life, we’ve made that possible in a way that has never been possible before.

We’re the only app that’s connected with all three major GP systems in England, so you can now connect to GP online services wherever your surgery is in England.  You can access your GP held health record and use GP online services such as book appointments, order repeat prescriptions, and view test results. We’re fully approved by the NHS, giving you peace of mind that your data is safe and secure.

The Evergreen Life app enables you to integrate your GP medical record with your personal health record meaning you and your doctor get the best of both worlds.  You can view and download your GP record into your app, so all your health information is in the palm of your hand.You can share your personal health record with your GP so they can help make more informed decisions about your medical care. You can also share your full record with any other health professional, carer or loved one, giving you full control of who sees your health information.

What can you do with Online GP access?

View and download your medical record

Your GP can share with you your GP electronic medical record through Evergreen Life. This gives you a full insight into your medical history and enables you to review your own health and download it straight into your app.

Book and cancel appointments

It can be frustrating trying to get through to a GP surgery reception on the phone – now you can do this from the palm of your hand on your Evergreen Life app. See your GPs available appointment times, book and cancel your doctor’s appointments in seconds.

Order repeat prescriptions

Do you have medicines that you need to order regularly? Order repeat prescriptions online quickly and securely through Evergreen Life.

Your personal health record

As well as using GP online services, you can track, store and review lots more information about your health, fitness, and wellbeing within the personal health record area of the app. You can make medication reminders, store documents and letters, and even share your record with other health professionals, carers or loved ones, giving you complete control of your own health information. Find out more about the personal health record here.

How do you start using your GP online services?

Step 1 - Next time you go to see your GP let them know you would like to have access to the online services. If you aren’t due to go and see your GP anytime soon you can just pop in and speak to the reception staff, they will be able to help with this over the desk.

Step 2 - The staff at the surgery will then take a couple of details and confirm who you are. You may be required to present some ID so take something with you just in-case (Passport or driver’s license is ideal).

Step 3 - Once you’re signed up you will either be given a letter there and then or one will be sent to you in the post which will include a password and an identification number. You will need this the first time you use the services on your mobile or desktop

Step 4 - Download our Evergreen Life app from either the App store or Google play store. To allow complete flexibility once you have created either an app account or an online portal account you will be able to log in to either platform using the same information.

Step 5 - Use your password and identification number to link the app first, once done you will also be able to view your GP information in your portal account to your very own GP services and begin.

Why do it?

  1. It’s easy – it’s a few simple steps to get you access to your own records and your own GP services.
  2. It's free – so why not, if nothing else it's worth a try. We don’t know anyone who hasn’t thought it was easy and soooo handy to use.
  3. It gives access, when you want it and need it – any time of day or night.
  4. It will save you time – no more waiting for the surgery to open, no more waiting on the phone to get through or constantly on re-dial.
  5. It will save you money – you won’t spend your money on a phone bill calling the surgery.

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