5 tips to beating winter bugs

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It’s that time of year where we start to pick up all sorts of nasty bugs – and with the predicted spike in flu this winter, it’s a good idea to give yourself some extra TLC and keep your immune system in tip top condition. Here’s our top five tips to beating winter bugs:

1. Get your flu jab

With flu season this year being predicted one of the biggest in the last 10 years, it’s important that if you’re eligible for a flu jab, you get yourself booked in as soon as possible. If you’re not sure if you’re eligible, you can find out here.

2. Fight the bugs with five a day

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’ – it’s important to make sure you’re getting plenty of vitamins and nutrients that help ward off winter bugs. Vitamin C can reduce the length of a cold, and often people associate citrus fruits with having high quantities of the flu fighting vitamin – but did you know dark leafy greens such as kale can have up to twice as much as citrus fruits?

3. Keep moving

As the evenings get darker it’s tempting to go into ‘hibernation mode’ and spend hours on the sofa instead of getting out in the great outdoors or down to the gym. You don’t have to run a marathon either – just doing some regular, moderate exercise will help boost your immune system and help build your body’s defence against infections. Just make sure that if you do catch a cold don’t overdo it on exercise as this can slow down your recovery.

4. Clean up your act

Common colds are easily passed on by germs spreading from surfaces and being in close contact with those who are already ill. If you work in an office, colds can seem to spread like wildfire, so do what you can be keeping your distance and washing your hands thoroughly. Keeping some alcohol hand gel to hand can also help reduce spreading germs if you’re in contact with other people regularly.

5. Catch more z’s

Not getting enough sleep can affect our overall health as well as lowering our immune system, so aim for at least 8-10 hours sleep over the winter months to make sure you’re not ‘running on empty’ and more susceptible to catching a cold. If you do catch a cold, rest is also the key ingredient, it’s better to rest and recover than force yourself to ‘fight through’ and carry on when your body needs some TLC.

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October 5, 2017
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