How do you access data whilst protecting patients?

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At Evergreen Life we think the answer is beautiful in its simplicity; we don’t share any patient data – the patient does.

The challenges of sharing information with all of the individuals involved in a patient’s care are well known and the benefits of sharing information are also universally accepted.  How many times have you had to make a clinical decision without having full details of your patient’s care within a different clinic, or even their care at home?  The Evergreen Life app puts the power of data sharing in the patient’s hands. Say goodbye to wordy (and ultimately unsuccessful) data sharing agreements, because a patient revolution is at hand and it’s about to make your lives much easier, ultimately enabling all clinicians to provide better more informed care to their patients.

Having the information you require about your patient’s, medication, medication adherence, conditions and observations enables you to provide well informed joined up care alongside colleagues from multiple different disciplines, carers and the patient themselves. Whilst this is no doubt a marvellous thing the other benefit is arguably even greater.

Patient Involvement

By putting the patient in control of their Personal Health Record you are giving the patient ownership of their health and wellbeing.  The NHS 5 Year Forward View Strategy made it clear that we need to focus on prevention rather than cure. In order to face the challenging time we find ourselves in and tackle the growing trends for preventable illnesses, which are often influenced by lifestyle choices, this has to be a priority.  To this end, we need to have empowered patients owning their health and wellbeing and motivated to self-care.  At Evergreen we are not only trying to improve a patient’s experience in healthcare but to help reduce unnecessary administrative appointments by empowering people to monitor and manage their own wellbeing.

Coming Soon

Whilst everything you have seen above can improve your communication with your patients and empower them to own their own health and wellbeing, there is much more to come. In future releases of the Evergreen Life App, you can expect your patients to be able to see their GP record in their Personal Health Record, to book appointments and to store documents.  This will allow your patient to engage with you even further.  And it doesn’t stop there, imagine a world where a patient can link their health and fitness devices such as their Fitbit to their Personal Health Record and share this information with you. Consider if a patient can order their genetics tests through their app and store that information in their PHR.  This is what the Evergreen App will be able to offer to you. The vision of truly personalised care based on lifestyle and genealogy is no longer a thing of the future but something we are working on now to provide to you and patients in the near future.

Who Are Evergreen Life?

Here at Evergreen Life, we believe passionately in People Powered Health. Between us, we have over 40 years clinical experience and over 70 years of experience in healthcare IT. Our mission is about putting people at the heart of every decision involving their health. To us, it’s about people being in control of their health information and being able to share it with whomever they choose, in order to get the health and care they want. Whether you are a fitness fanatic, a busy mother or someone dealing with a chronic illness, we believe in the empowerment of the individual and the right to have control and ownership of your healthcare and its future.

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Article updated:
April 20, 2016
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