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At Evergreen Life we like to collaborate with organisations that have a similar mission. We want to create an era of positive healthcare, where people are at the heart of every decision. Like us, the parenting and baby app Baby Buddy uses innovative technology to inspire a healthier future for everyone.

Best Beginnings, the non-profit organisation behind the Baby Buddy parenting app, has a vision for every child in the UK to have the best start in life. They work tirelessly to reduce the negative impact of different socio-economic backgrounds on a child’s health. They hope to achieve this with their free multi-award-winning Baby Buddy app for parents.

Healthy Foundations

In a 2010 commissioned report on poverty, evidence showed that educated and confident early parenting, good maternal mental health, and infant bonding were all key to improving your children’s health and lifestyle. According to the study, supporting parents from conception and in the early years was more significant than money in the bank when it comes to laying the foundations for long-term well-being and social mobility. Essentially, this early intervention helps to reduce the risk of your child developing chronic health conditions like obesity, diabetes, heart disease and depression.

Baby Buddy – Parenting App and Helping Hand

In 2014, the Baby Buddy app launched. Fast forward to 2017, and Baby Buddy is an award-winning health intervention in the form of a fun parenting app. With over 1,200 downloads per week, it is quickly becoming a highly useful tool for expectant and new parents. Vetted by health professionals, academics, and parents themselves, the app’s content is wholly credible, whilst also addressing the needs of people in real-life circumstances. Baby Buddy is specially designed to empower parents to play their vital role in looking after their own and their baby’s health.

How does Baby Buddy work?

Baby Buddy is an individually created virtual friend and baby expert who guides parents through the journey to parenthood and beyond. The app aims to ensure that every child has the best start in life through the following features:

  • answering your questions and providing helpful definitions.
  • showing you videos of parents sharing their own stories, and professionals giving handy parenting advice.
  • providing simple and interactive tools
  • to support parents-to-be and new parents
  • promoting infant bonding and responsiveness through the “You Can Do It” feature that helps with goal-setting, and the “Bump Book” that records memorable moments.
  • creating useful reminders and diaries for logging important information.

Used by health professionals and health visitors, Baby Buddy enhances communication, continuity of care, and parenting confidence. It’s part of ‘business as usual’ in 27 maternity healthcare pathways across the country. The app is available to download by anyone for free. You can explore the web version, or download from the App Store and Google Play.

If you’d like to find out more about Best Beginnings and their Baby Buddy app, visit their website.

Evergreen Life – People Powered Health

Whether you’re a new parent wanting to keep track of your child’s health, or your child has moved away and needs to register with a local GP, managing your child’s health can be an overwhelming task. Like Baby Buddy, the Evergreen Life app makes overseeing your family’s health a simpler task.

Our app allows you to give trusted access to your medical records. By ensuring loved ones have access to the right information at the right time, this can improve decision making, giving you and others more control over your health information.


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December 18, 2017
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