Five steps to ordering repeat prescriptions online

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Evergreen Life

Every GP practice in England can now help you order repeat prescriptions online. It’s all part of a modern NHS. It saves time – you don’t have to write out a slip of paper and get it to the practice. It’s accurate every time too –  your order automatically goes right into the GP system, so no mistakes from handwritten notes.

With Evergreen Life, you can order repeat prescriptions online easily and safely. Just follow the steps below.

How to order your repeat prescriptions online

  1. Ask your GP for access to online services

    When you go to your GP, you can ask for a letter which will give you access to GP online services. Note that you may be asked to present some ID so take you passport or driver's licence just in case! Your letter has all the details you need to register an account on Evergreen Life, and gives you the ability to book appointments as well as order repeat prescriptions online.

  2. Register with Evergreen Life

    Register an account with Evergreen Life or you can download our app. In the app, you can use all GP online services, as well as being able to store all your health, fitness and wellbeing information, so you have a complete picture of your health in the palm of your hands - and you can order a repeat prescription from wherever you are and whenever you want.

  3. Link your account to your GP system

    Using the letter from your GP, go to 'My GP' on the website or 'My GP account' in the app and enter the password and identification number to link your account. Now you've got access to use all GP online services!

  4. View your prescriptions in Evergreen Life

    Within the app or Evergreen Life website, you’ll see a list of your prescriptions and the last medications you ordered. You’ll see information buttons next to the medications that give you more information about your medication. These are essential if you want to understand more about what your medications are for, any side-effects you need to be aware of, and how to take your prescription.

  5. Order repeat prescriptions

    Within the medication list, you can see which medications you’re able to order online and whether that request was accepted or rejected by the practice. Tick the medications you want to order. If you want to, you can add a comment, something like: “I need more as I’m going on holiday” or “I want to pick this up from X pharmacist.” Then, click on the box marked “Request a repeat prescription.”

You’re done!

It’s as easy as that. Once you’ve submitted your online prescription request, your GP practice will check that everything is correct. The practice may reject your request - for instance, if you seem to be ordering too often. The system will tell you that, too, after the practice has considered your request.

Simple, easy, efficient and secure. 

Start taking control of your own healthcare with the Evergreen Life app.

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