5 ways to have a healthy family holiday

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Holidays form a key part of family life. Not only is travel a great experience for people of all ages, taking time away from normal everyday life and spending it with your loved ones is good for our wellbeing. Holidays create many fantastic memories for us as we grow up and have families of our own, but holidays can also be stressful if you have little ones.

Here are our five top tips on how to make sure you and your family have a healthy and happy holiday.

  1. Know your family's health

    The most important thing about travelling abroad is ensuring everyone travelling is safe and healthy during your time away. Knowing your family's health is an essential part of this and keeping a record of your family's allergies, medications, conditions and all around medical history is best practice.

    If you or anyone in your family have any allergies, having the relevant cards in the native language of where you are travelling to can help, especially if this is a food group allergy and you’re eating out. This can also help to provide vital information in an emergency.

    Equally, if someone is taking medication, having a record of what they are taking and what for is vital. It’s also important that they remain in the routine of taking medication if taking it regularly, and that they travel with their prescription and with all medications in its correct packaging – especially if travelling through airports or across borders.

  2. Vaccinations are important

    It’s always important that babies and children are up to date with their immunisations, especially when travelling to another country. Having a record of what immunisations they have been administered and when can provide vital information should they fall ill abroad. Some countries will require evidence of immunisation against certain diseases, too, prior to admitting you into the country.

    If you’re travelling to a country which recommends vaccinations before visiting, you should plan ahead to ensure that all members of the travelling party have the relevant vaccinations in the correct time frame. Keeping a record of these vaccinations will also be important should anyone, unfortunately, be taken ill on your trip. Make sure you do your research on travel vaccinations and get plenty of advice from your GP especially if travelling anywhere in Asia or Africa.

  3. Keep the sun cream topped up

    Even if you’re staying at home this summer you’ll want to make sure that everyone stays protected in the sun, especially babies and young children. Not only can sunburn cause pain and discomfort, but it can also be very damaging. Too much sun exposure can also lead to illnesses such as heatstroke, so it’s vital to ensure everyone stays safe and cool in the heat. Check the NHS guidelines to stay protected.

  4. Get covered

    It was estimated that in 2012 24% of British travellers who were travelling abroad did not take out any travel insurance. Of those who did, only 12% actually read through all of their insurance documents to see what type of cover they had.

    Should the unthinkable happen and you or a loved one finds themselves ill or injured, travel insurance will cover those vital costs and ensure you get the necessary help and treatment to get you on the mend again. It’s important to research the provider and plan to find one that’s right for you and your family. It’s also imperative that you disclose the correct medical history to the requirement of the insurer so that your insurance doesn’t become void should you need to claim.

    Once you do have the right cover for your trip, having copies of the documents with you when you travel will save a lot of time and effort should you need to use them. It might also help to take photos of the documents so you always have the details of your insurer and plan to hand.

  5. Download the Evergreen Life app

    The Evergreen Life Personal Health Record app can help you on your way to a healthy holiday, storing all of your family’s important health information in the palm of your hand. You can stay in control of yours and your family’s health at home or on holiday to ensure that you and healthcare providers make the most informed decisions about yours or your loved one’s health.

With the Evergreen Life app you can:

  • Record conditions and allergies, past and present
  • Keep a record of all medications and set reminders when to take them
  • Enter a complete vaccination history
  • Keep a record of important medical documents – including travel insurance and allergy cards
  • Share important information with loved ones and healthcare providers
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August 17, 2016
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