How can personal health records help personal trainers?

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As a personal trainer, you motivate your clients to achieve goals. As a trusted professional you use all of the information your client gives you to ensure that you can design the very best programme which gets the results your client wants.

Alongside strength and resistance tests you may take muscle mass percentage, waist to hip ratio, blood pressure and other tests. These allow you to create goals in conjunction with your client. You can then measure against them to monitor progress over time. Sharing progress towards goals helps to motivate and feedback can improve adherence to your programme.

Can it be done more effectively? 

Traditionally personal trainers hold this information and share it with their client during sessions.  By recording this information within the client’s Personal Health Record both the trainer and client can contribute to the record and the client can see progress at the touch of a button.  Where the client has the ability to take measurements at home they can add information between sessions leading to a more informed training programme. Using Evergreen Life your client owns their data and they choose to share it with you and anyone else who is involved in their health and wellbeing.  With Evergreen your clients own their progress and are empowered to succeed.

But that’s not all folks . . .

You may also ask your client about their medical history and any medications they are taking.  The information you gather on medical history and medications allows you to create a safe and effective programme. For example, where a client informs you, they have heart disease you may want to build their exercise regime slowly in order to strengthen the heart muscles. Or where a client is taking blood pressure medication their blood pressure is lowered by the medication and is also naturally lowered immediately after a training session meaning the client could experience dizziness so you may suggest a slow warm down.

By ensuring you have your client’s medical history including conditions and medications you are in the best position to create a safe and effective programme. Using Evergreen Life your client can share their Health Record so can see all of their conditions and medications. With Evergreen you have the ability to ensure your training plan is fully suited both to your client's goals and their health conditions to make an effective, safe plan.

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Article updated:
April 22, 2016
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