Lost medical Information is a scary reality – But it can be prevented?

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Lost medical information is a very real and topical issue. Evergreen Life considers the effects it can have and suggests why the Evergreen Personal Health Record app and website will put you back in control.

The health system’s inability to securely store and monitor medical records in the past has unfortunately resulted in some patients’ health information getting lost – often without patients or medical staff’s knowledge. Recently over 500,000 unsent letters between hospitals and GPs were discovered after being incorrectly put into storage. These crucial letters had remained unread for approximately 5 years, losing valuable patient data including test results, diagnoses explanation and operation details. It is difficult to determine the full consequences of this lost data.

What we do know is that 5 years ago when these letters were originally written, there was very little connection between us, as patients, and our NHS information. You could never know for sure if the necessary correspondence and test results had been sent between your GP and a hospital, or what information was missing from your records. You also had no way of monitoring your own health records and seeing full details of your health status. We were 100% reliant on the NHS and trusted the system to look after us.

Of course, we can trust the NHS – it continues to provide us with an amazing, world-class health service. However, it could be more efficient.

Imagine if you could message your GP practice without having to wait around on the phone; you could book appointments and order prescriptions online without any hassle. Imagine if you had access to your own GP records, giving you the ability to check that letters have been sent and if test results have been received. You could monitor your own health, playing an active part in ensuring your medical information was accurate and up to date.

You would have been much more likely to realise that letters and results had gone astray and you would have alerted your practice.

Take back control with the Evergreen Life Personal Health Record App

And now you can – thanks to the Evergreen Life Personal Health Record app and website. You can now view, monitor and add to your own medical records.

All of your personal health data is linked to expert medical advice and guidance so that you can fully understand everything you’re reading. The app also allows you to monitor and record your own health – such as your home blood pressures, blood glucose levels or even the exercise you do.

You have the right to access your own medical history and your GP practice is obliged to share your record with you. Simply ask the practice next time you see your GP for access to your records. Currently, your practice is obliged to share basic information such as allergies, a list of your health problems and vaccinations – and your test results. Some practices will also allow you to see your letters and your consultations, too.

The Evergreen Life app allows you to take more control over your own health and care. You can book appointments, order repeat prescriptions and in some cases, you can send non-urgent messages to the practice and receive a reply through secure and confidential service.

Let’s take back control of our health and healthcare with the Evergreen Life app and website and make lost medical information a thing of the past.

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Article updated:
April 4, 2017
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