The NHS hasn’t gone paperless yet - but you can!

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The NHS has a target of becoming paperless by 2018 (1) yet, whilst some people will have seen the benefits of this initiative already, many patients are still receiving a lot of their health information on paper.

There are a variety of reasons you will receive letters from your healthcare providers; appointment letters, discharge letters and patient leaflets to name a few.  To put it into perspective, there are over 85 million outpatient appointments each year in the UK and around 15 million admissions (2). That’s a lot of letters!

Here at Evergreen Life, we want you to be able to view all of your health and fitness information in one place. That is why we have created the ability for you to add paper-based health information into your Evergreen Life personal health record app.

With the free Evergreen Life app, you can record your conditions, medications, vaccines, measurements, observations and allergies. With the ability to add the paper documents and letters, you and those involved in your healthcare now have access to all of your information in one place.

Take this example; you receive an invite to an appointment with your consultant in 3 months time. The letter asks you to bring your appointment letter with you. In three month’s time, do you know where that letter is? Your battle with the desire to be on time is often conflicted with the fact that rifling through your kitchen drawers is like playing Where’s Wally in the dark. When the nurse offers you an appointment card to remind you of your next appointment date you take it gladly, but when the time comes, it’s more likely to be down the side of the sofa than in an accessible place.

For folks with more complex care journeys, this avoidable annoyance becomes a massive chore, leading to missed appointments and confusion over treatment.

This image was shared with us by an Evergreen Life app user, showing her paper-based health documents. These are only the documents she has received and has needed to use in just the past 12 months. You can imagine that finding a particular document within all of this is near impossible for the patient or carer, and the information is easily overlooked or lost when it is needed the most. 

Now look at how it looks in her Evergreen Life personal health record…

Each document can be classified by type and where appropriate it can be linked to the person who sent it and the condition or medication it is associated with.  Our user can easily choose to view all of her documents related to a specific condition or just the most recent ones.

So, if you struggle to find appointment letters when the day comes or if you have multiple conditions and find that handling the wealth of information given is difficult – download the free Evergreen Life app today.

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July 20, 2016
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