How parenting apps are supporting young parents

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Being a teenage mum is so lonely,” according to a young mother interviewed on the Victoria Derbyshire show earlier this year. “You lose a lot of your friends who want to go out [and] no one prepares you for that.”

A report from Action for Children last year found that, in fact, young parents under 25 face similar issues to teenage parents. For example …

  • Both young mothers and fathers are significantly more likely than young people who aren’t parents to report poor mental health.
  • Almost half of young parents state they are ‘just getting by’ financially or worse, compared to a quarter of young people who aren’t parents.
  • One in five young parents (19%) rarely or never see friends, compared to 11% of young people who aren’t parents.
  • Young parents feel socially stigmatised and some felt that people assumed ‘young parent’ was synonymous with ‘bad parent’.
  • Young mothers felt intimidated by regular antenatal classes and parent support groups, fearing that they would be judged by professionals and the other parents.

Best Beginnings - supporting young parents

Organisations like the child health charity, Best Beginnings recognise the impact that these challenges can have on the whole family and, importantly, their children. All in all, supporting parents is crucial to the wellbeing of their children.

Like Evergreen Life, Best Beginnings harnesses the power of innovative app technology. This helps them reach and support thousands of young parents across the country. Their parenting app, Baby Buddy, offers interactive, personalised support and information – even hundreds of videos of other parents sharing their stories and professionals giving advice. Parents have reported that hearing others talking openly and honestly about similar experiences helps them feel reassured and less alone. What’s more, the app is absolutely free and advert-free.

Baby Buddy has loads of special features and has been scientifically designed to help parents develop their confidence and the knowledge they need to look after their own and their children’s long-term health and wellbeing.

Baby Buddy parenting app users

Young parents who have used the parenting app have said:

“I'm so sad it's over – this app has been with me for a year, it actually felt like a friend! Thank you everyone at Baby Buddy, you've kept me company at some of the loneliest and confusing times and I'll miss this app tremendously.”

“Don't know how I would have done it without this app. So supportive, better than any book or friend. It supplied me with facts and reassured me at times. 6 out of 5 stars from me. Thank you so much to whoever took part in the making of the app.”

“This app has literally been a life saver! I am 16-years-old and I don't feel patronised or feel like what I’ve done is wrong. The app has really made me feel that age does not matter, and I really will recommend it to others!”

To find out how Baby Buddy can help you or someone you know, visit their website.

Evergreen Life – People Powered Health

Whether you’re a young parent wanting to keep track of your child’s health, or your child has moved away and needs to register with a local GP, managing your child’s health can be an overwhelming task. Like Baby Buddy, the Evergreen Life app makes overseeing your family’s health a simpler task.

Our app allows you to give trusted access to your medical records. By ensuring loved ones have access to the right information at the right time, this can improve decision making, giving you and others more control over your health information.

Take control today. Download the Evergreen Life app.

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February 26, 2018
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