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From easily booking an appointment at your GP practice to recording and tracking your fitness measurements, the Evergreen Life app offers you far more than you may have first thought. Here are ten of the best things our Evergreen Life app can do to help you take control of your health and wellbeing.

1.       Create a personal health record

The key to owning your own health information is being able to manage this yourself. You can enter all your own healthcare information including current medications, health conditions and allergies, as well as your health and fitness stats, into your personal health record. With the Evergreen Life app, all this info is available to you in the palm of your hands on your phone.

2.       Track your wellbeing with the Health & Fitness monitor          

With the Health & Fitness monitor within your Evergreen Life app, you can store measurements about yourself. Whether you’ve got a long-term health condition, like diabetes and you regularly record your blood glucose levels, or you like to monitor your fitness progress at the gym by tracking your weight or body fat percentage, the Health & Fitness Monitor lets you record a wide range of results. Being able to review all of your fitness information over time means you can take action on your goals and really take control of your health and fitness.

3.       Book appointments at your GP practice in seconds

If you need an appointment at your doctor’s surgery, with Evergreen Life there’s no need to phone up the practice and wait in a long phone queue. No more time wasted! And even better – when the surgery’s closed overnight or at weekends, you can still book an appointment with a few taps on your phone screen. Watch this easy video tutorial on how to book and cancel GP appointments using your Evergreen Life app.

4.       Set medication reminders

If you manage a long-term condition and take regular medication, the Evergreen Life app allows you to set reminders which sends push notifications to your phone to make sure you never miss a dosage. If you tend to forget whether you took your pills in the morning or not, you can record this in your medication diary within the app. Check out our tips on setting up medication reminders in our app.

5.       Order repeat prescriptions easily

Did you know that you can order your repeat prescriptions through your Evergreen Life app? By ordering your prescription on your app, your prescription will be instantly sent to your practice. This will save you the time and effort of going into your doctor’s surgery, filling out a slip of paper and handing it into the receptionist. Watch the video below on how to order repeat prescriptions within the Evergreen Life app:

6.       Record all your vaccinations

Jetting off to an exotic destination? Your vaccinations are a key part of your health record. As well as vaccinations your GP gives you such as a seasonal flu jab, you may have some administered at a private clinic – if you’re going on holiday. You can store these within your Evergreen Life app and even set a reminder when your booster is due. This means you have a full vaccination record within your Evergreen Life app which can be invaluable when travelling abroad.

7.       Give trusted access of your health record

Have you ever been in a situation where you needed a loved one’s health info? One of the best bits about owning and controlling your health record within the Evergreen Life app is that you can share it whenever and with whomever you want. Whether you grant trusted access to a health professional, friends or family, you can make sure that the right people have access to your health information at the right time. Find out more about how sharing your medical record can enhance the way you manage your health and wellbeing in our blog on trusted access.

8.       Get your DNA insights

If you’ve ordered an Evergreen Life DNA test, you can view your DNA insights together with the rest of your health information. You can find out what diet and fitness routine is best for you, tailored to your unique genetics. Discover how your body metabolises fat and carbs. Maybe you’re interested in improving your skincare, knowing whether your skin is sensitive to UV damage. Discover many more actionable insights that can help you take control of your health with our DNA testing kits for diet, fitness, metabolism and skin. All these insights are available to you in the Evergreen Life app, alongside the rest of your health, wellbeing and fitness information.

9.       Store all your health documents and letters

With the Evergreen Life app, you can digitally store all your health-related documents and letters. – from appointment cards and referral letters to scan reports, travel insurance or info about your gym membership. By storing all your paper-based health documents within your Evergreen Life app, you can easily access it at the simple touch of a button, as and when you need it.

10.   Get handy, healthy tips on our newsfeed

In the newsfeed found in the Evergreen Life app homepage, there’s handy hints and tips about how to improve your health, wellbeing and fitness. You’ll find tailored messages suited to your own health conditions with links to articles and tips to help you effectively manage your own care.

If you’ve already got Evergreen Life, then make the most of your app – make sure you’re linked with your GP, input all your health and fitness info and regularly update it to stay on top of your health. Not got Evergreen Life yet? Download it today and start taking control of your health and wellbeing.

Click here to watch our YouTube video featuring our Digital Champion, Claire Giantzides, who gives us further insights into the top 10 things in the Evergreen Life app.

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