What is patient access?

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With people leading busier lives, it can be difficult to find time to do everyday activities such as book doctor’s appointments and keep a record of your everyday health. However, it’s still important to put your health first. With recent developments in patient access, this just got much more convenient.

Patient access means wherever you are, at any time, you can access your GP services online, through the Evergreen Life app. This will allow you to carry out a number of tasks quickly and easily. Here are just some of the features the app allows you to do:

Book appointments

Certainly, the quickest way to book or cancel doctors’ appointments is by using the app. Avoid the frustration of getting through on the phone and see GPs’ availability instantly so you can choose the most suitable appointment slot for you.

Order repeat prescriptions

The app also allows you to order repeat prescriptions within seconds. It’s completely safe to use the app so you can rest assured that your information remains private.

Get access to your medical record

You rarely get the opportunity to view your medical record to see test results, intolerances and conditions. However, thanks to patient access you can download your electronic medical record, allowing you access to your medical history which you can show to loved ones or health professionals if you choose to. Get peace of mind knowing that you are in charge of your medical record and who can see it.

Track your health

Another great feature of the app is to track your health, including fitness, weight and blood pressure. This personal health record data – along with other factors such as BMI, steps per day and pulse rate – is securely stored in the app. You can then choose to share this with health professionals or family.

It also allows you to set medication reminders, store letters and much more.

How do I register for patient access?

All you need to do to get started is ask at the doctor’s surgery reception, where they will confirm a few details with you. You will receive a letter shortly which contains an identification number and password. This is what you use once you have downloaded the app. You are then ready to start using the app and all of its features!

It’s free, convenient and easy to use with 24-hour patient access to medical records, booking appointments and ordering repeat prescriptions. It’s of benefit to everyone, particularly if you work irregular hours or find it difficult to contact the surgery. What’s more, our Patient Facing Services are assured by the NHS, making it safe and secure to use so you know that your data is in your control.

Download the app and take control of your health, wellbeing & fitness today.

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Article updated:
November 10, 2017
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