Primary care solutions

Evergreen Life tackles primary care’s most pressing challenges facing general practice.

We empower people to take control of their health and care, while unlocking efficiencies across the NHS. 

Evergreen Connect

Evergreen Connect is our unique digital-first platform for healthcare providers that builds beyond medical record access, facilitating a new, efficient relationship between provider and patient that focuses on shared information, remote monitoring and preventative healthcare.  


Manage patient caseload at PCN and practice level with digital triage and operational enhancements, powered by real-time data. 

We strike the balance between automation and human-centric decision making, providing you with the confidence that your patients are getting quality, personalised care without compromising on efficiencies. 


Our bespoke booking system for NHS vaccination management (influenza, COVID-19, or other) automates vaccine eligibility checks and allows patients to book and cancel vaccination appointments, whilst maintaining patient anonymity and data security.

The web-based platform streamlines the end-to-end vaccination process, reducing waste and saving money.