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DNA Health

Why is DNA important? Well, with Evergreen Life’s genetic health testing kits you can personalise your nutrition and fitness routine. DNA health testing can help you discover your genetic potential with the latest science-backed research and DNA testing.The articles you’ll find here will help you understand how genetic testing works and how to make the most of your DNA. We cover topics such as skincare, vitamin D deficiency, cholesterol and fitness.



Your guide to nutrition DNA testing

Want to understand more about how your genes can affect your diet? Discover everything you need to know about nutrition DNA tests right here.


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How does DNA testing work?

Explore how DNA testing works and find out about your health insights with Evergreen Life’s home DNA Test. Get comprehensive results straight through the app.

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When did DNA testing start?

This article explores the origins of when DNA testing started, how the breakthrough discovery of DNA has revolutionised healthcare and medicine, and how DNA testing could transform your own health and wellbeing.


The effects of caffeine – How much is too much?

Do you drink too much coffee, tea or energy drinks? Evergreen Life looks at how your body and unique DNA react to the effects of caffeine to help you decide whether to swap to decaf…


Understanding DNA testing terminology

Confused by some of the DNA jargon out there? Our DNA terminology guide will help you read your Evergreen DNA Test results with confidence.


Your guide to DNA fitness testing

Want to understand more about how your genetics can affect your fitness and exercise? Our fitness DNA tests will tell you everything you need to know.

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