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You and your Wellness Score

Welcome to the Evergreen Life community!

The goal of our community is simple – to help keep each other well for as long as possible. The app is a safe place to keep all your health records, including those held by the NHS, and you can book appointments, prescriptions and tests.

But you’ll also be sent personalised information to help you make good decisions to help keep you well for as long as possible.

You’ll also be asked to anonymously share YOUR experiences to help others in the community. What works and what doesn’t for example.

The shared experience of other people, just like you, will show previously hidden trends that will benefit not only our Evergreen Life community but the whole of society.

Wellness Score explained

Your Wellness Score is at the heart of your app. It scores key aspects of your health and wellbeing to show you where you’re doing well and areas you might want to consider working on.  

It’s calculated automatically from aspects of your health and wellbeing. Some of this is based on your records, some on questions we ask you and some is based on tests. It’s broken down into 6 areas: Records, GP services, Fitness, DNA, Happiness and Food.

Each segment goes from white before you start, to amber then green, depending on how much you’ve done. Amber is particularly important because it tells you where there is something you can improve on.

Improve your score 

You can improve your Wellness Score by clicking on each segment of the wheel where you’ll be prompted to take actions.

This might be something practical like linking to your NHS GP record, or it may suggest taking a wellness check to get an accurate picture of certain aspects of your health and wellbeing. Based on these checks, you’ll be offered what we call insights in areas where you might wish to consider taking action.

The great thing is that the more we learn from each other, the more useful and personalised your insights will become.

Manage and share

We know that your wellbeing will change over time, so expect to see the score move. You’ll also be offered more detailed surveys to gain a deep understanding of the issues that interest or affect you most. You can invite others to join our community and you can even share your Wellness Score with them if you want to.

To get the most from your app, keep an eye on your score and make sure you’ve completed all the questions you’re able to. After all, the app is all about you. And your score is an indication of whether you are doing everything you can to stay well.

Get support

You might find it helpful to read our step-by-step guide on how to Manage your Wellness Score.

If you need further help understanding your Wellness Score, and how to get more out of it. Get in touch at help.evergreen-life.co.uk

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Founded in 2014, Evergreen Life has grown from being a personal health record that put control in the hands of the user, to a nationwide health and wellbeing platform that spans primary and secondary care, as well as being a research ready platform for healthcare and life sciences institutions.