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How do your lifestyle habits compare to others? Discover health and wellbeing insights from our app community and learn about ways to feel healthier and happier.

What are insights?

Insights are part of an exciting, new kind of research - we’re asking users about their wellness habits via questionnaires in the Evergreen Life app. That helps us to understand more about how lifestyle choices impact wellbeing, and we can share those insights back with the app community!

Why do insights matter?

Unlocking these insights can help you discover approaches that people in the app community are taking to stay well. It’s all about seeing where you might fit in with the trends, and learning from each other ways to feel healthier and happier.

Let’s look at this sleep insight

This graph shows our users who told us that poor sleep affected their lives and of those, how many reported drinking alcohol in the evenings, drinking caffeinated drinks in the afternoon/evening, spending time outdoors in natural light, and using electronic screens before bed.

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    To get access to these sleep insights and more, including insights into diet, fitness, and alcohol, download the Evergreen Life app and kick start your wellness journey by answering your available questionnaires.
    • Download the free Evergreen Life app from the App Store or Google Play
    • From the home screen, tap on each wellness section and go to your ‘things to do’
    • Take all your available checks in each wellness section

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