How an App takes the Stress out of Seeing Your GP


How an App takes the Stress out of Seeing Your GP

Sunday, April 16, 2017

The divide is not straightforward. It is not a case of business interests on one side and people’s interests on the other. The two are interconnected and intertwined. Whereas HR traditionally occupies the role of managing people in an organisation, it has limitations in how far it can help employees co-ordinate their lives in and out of work.

Health, Time and Work

We know that the National Health Service operates under a lot of pressure and that demand for services is at an all-time high. Part of this problem is reflected in the difficulties many people face getting an appointment with their doctor just to discuss their health.

“People feel a loss of control in this area,” explains Sarah Lax, Head of Marketing at Evergreen. “For many of us, managing the work-life balance when it comes to essentials like accessing medical records is proving challenging and stressful.”

Evergreen is a company working with businesses in sectors concerned with people and the environment, and this includes health.

“We believe in innovation for ethical purposes,” Sarah explains, “in using technology, and marketing it, to give people greater leverage in their lives.”

In an ever-developing, expanding world of work, the demands on people’s time, and the impact on private as well as working lives can feel like an intolerable build-up of pressure.

Individuals can experience a sense of disempowerment when faced with the seemingly monolithic task of accessing health services, even when it’s just for something otherwise routine like accessing personal medical information. Similarly, HR departments face pressure from employee demands to be given more time off to make and keep medical appointments.

A People-powered Solution

Speaking at a recent M3 Connections event in Manchester, Sarah has this to say about Evergreen’s approach to problem-solving:

“Empowering people to have more control over how they access health services requires a forward-thinking solution. That’s what we have with our approach to people-powered health.

Evergreen’s solution is an app, where people can access the administration of their own health on the go.

‘The Evergreen Life app provides individuals with the means to take greater control of their health,” Sarah says. “You can track and monitor your appointments and prescriptions, and you have the ability to store GP letters digitally and access your own health records.”

The concept is to give people more control over the administration of their health, and, through easy self-monitoring, make improvements to it where necessary.

“It’s a genuine move towards people gaining greater control of their lives, easing the administrative burden of others, and doing so through recognisable and accessible technology,” Sarah concludes.

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