EMIS NUG Spring Conference: The Future of Healthcare Is Digital


EMIS NUG Spring Conference: The Future of Healthcare Is Digital

Friday, March 3, 2017

Last Friday our Evergreen Life team attended the EMIS NUG (what is this?) Spring Conference at the Manchester Conference Centre. The conference focused on the importance of people having access to their health records and why the future of healthcare needs to be digital.

The EMIS NUG conference allowed Evergreen Life to centre our message around the notion of People Powered Health and why it’s our strong belief that GP’s should be able to put their knowledge in their patient’s hands, improving communication, information access and healthcare for all.

Our team were there to promote our own innovative digital health solutions – our Evergreen Life App,  E Life website and HOM (Health Organisation Messaging software).

App updates

The Evergreen Life app had a particularly special week last week as last Thursday the 23rdFeb we had our GP release. This is a significant step for the technology, meaning via our app, patients can link their GP record straight to their phone, putting them in complete control of their health information. On the back of this technological breakthrough, GP’s and CCG’s have been eager to learn more about how we could help them improve their own patient communication and this is where our exciting HOM software has been able to bridge the gap.

Retired GP and former EMIS NUG chairman Geoff Schrecker gave a compelling presentation on the ease of getting patients online and the benefits that come along with using patient-facing services, such as the Evergreen Life health solutions.

If you’re a GP, practice manager or a CCG and would like to know more about how we can help you to better communicate with your patients through online patient-facing services, visit us here for more information.

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