Evergreen Life teams up with digital pharmacy PillTime to deliver NHS prescriptions to your door in easy-to-manage pouches


Evergreen Life teams up with digital pharmacy PillTime to deliver NHS prescriptions to your door in easy-to-manage pouches

Monday, June 7, 2021

Evergreen Life is delighted to announce the addition of PillTime as a provider of online pharmacy services. PillTime offers a bespoke service to individuals who may be facing the challenge of managing multiple medications.

Do you sometimes forget to take your medication?

Did you know that 50% of people do not take their medication as prescribed? If you or someone you know occasionally misses their medication or forgets when they last took it, then Evergreen Life and PillTime can make things easier and safer for you.

PillTime delivers pre-sorted pouches of your NHS repeat prescriptions to your door for free – ideal for those who take multiple daily medications. It also comes at a time when remote access to healthcare services is essential, as we tackle the COVID-19 outbreak.

As an NHS-assured provider of GP online services, Evergreen Life already lets you book doctor's appointments, view GP records, and order your repeat prescriptions to be delivered to your door. The addition of PillTime provides choice and a bespoke service to help those managing multiple medications. 

Also within the Evergreen Life app, you can set up medication reminders to help you remember when to take your medications and keep a medication diary to track your dosages.

How to sign up

To order your PillTime pouches, you first need to make sure your Evergreen Life account is linked to your GP system so you can select your GP-prescribed medications. With the current social distancing measures in place, the Evergreen Life app allows users to GP link remotely, without even leaving home using NHS login, a single username and password that allows you to access your GP services without needing to visit the practice. You can also link to your GP record by using a letter from your GP practice.

Please read our full help guide on prescription delivery here.

PillTime: Committed to helping people live longer, healthier lives

PillTime is an NHS Digital Pharmacy that offers a unique pouch dispensing service throughout England to help you remember to take your medication correctly, bring added freedom, and give you peace of mind.

How does PillTime work?

PillTime sorts your medication into clearly labelled, easy-to-open pouches in the order that they are required. PillTime sorts the pouches by date, time and dosage, so you can be sure you’re taking your multiple medications correctly, making life easier for someone you care for or yourself.

Through the Evergreen Life app and website, you can choose to have your repeat prescriptions organised and delivered in this way via PillTime.

Additional benefits of using PillTime

Freedom when travelling

When you’re out and about, you may be used to carrying around lots of boxes of tablets if you take several different prescriptions. But PillTime takes away all that hassle. One dose = one pouch. Simply tear off the pouches you need, pop them in your bag, and head out without giving your medication a second thought.

Improved adherence

Patients don’t always take their medication as prescribed. This may lead to medical risks for some patients and a lot of wasted meds too. PillTime’s easy to manage pouches can help you remember when to take your medications.

Saves time

Repeat dispensing means your GP only needs to arrange your prescription once and you’ll automatically receive your medications, every month.

Eco-friendly pharmacy

At Evergreen Life, we’re committed to sustainable practices. PillTime runs a ‘Naked Packaging’ scheme where they send all patients a dispensing box with their first order. After that, recyclable pouches are sent au naturale, and you can reuse the dispensing box until a new one is needed. This helps reduce cardboard waste.

The PillTime service is available through the Evergreen Life app and website.

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