Paul Henderson appointed as Head of Healthcare


Paul Henderson appointed as Head of Healthcare

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Evergreen Life have appointed Paul Henderson as its Head of Healthcare.

Paul has 30 years health sector experience, having worked in NHS Trusts, Regional Bodies, Academia, and the Department of Health. He has spent the last 15 years in industry, including Head of Analytics at EMIS Group and most recently Head of Analytics at KPMG. A native of Bolton, Paul is delighted to join a north-west business driving innovation and cultural change in the health sector.

Over 650,000 people are using the Evergreen Life app to curate and share personal health data, as well as access their GP record and online GP services such as booking appointments. Over 1.25 million GP transactions are placed through the app each month. The successful growth of app users, transactions and the renewed focus on improving population health and wellbeing, has led to the need to expand the team.

Paul brings his wealth of healthcare and analytics experience to set the strategy of how Evergreen Life will engage with the care system to ensure a person-centred, data-driven approach to health and wellbeing is delivered in partnership with the current system. He will also be helping to drive the research agenda, working with universities to use the data donated to them through opted-in anonymised app users, in order to improve the design and delivery of care services.

Stephen Critchlow, CEO of Evergreen Life and Founder of Evergreen Group, commented: “Evergreen Life is delighted to bring in a person with Paul’s experience at a time when the NHS needs our support more than ever. People are taking control of their health and wellbeing in large numbers and we are enabling them to do this by providing them with access to their health records, which they can use to engage more effectively with carers in their families and communities, as well as the NHS.”

Paul commented: “At Evergreen we believe that people should have control of their own health and wellbeing, becoming partners in their care, where they need to use the NHS and other organisations. We also recognise the challenges the NHS faces, in terms of rising demand and pressures on its resources. We believe that universal and affordable care is an essential component of any modern society, as is the need to enable every member of society to do their bit. If people can decrease the amount of time they live with a condition, and increase their healthy years, then the demand for NHS services will not increase at the same rate as it does now. If people can use many different avenues to get care and support, including their families, then demand will slow. If people can use technology to support the way they use the NHS, then pressure on clinicians will decrease. Evergreen Life is focusing on all these things.”