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About Evergreen Life

Founded in 2014, Evergreen Life has grown from being a personal health record that put control in the hands of the user, to a nationwide health and wellbeing platform that spans primary and secondary care, as well as being a research ready platform for healthcare and life sciences institutions.

In control. Healthier. Happier.

The Evergreen Life App

Your health is probably the most important project you’ll ever work on. But how can you make a good go at any major project like your own personal health without the relevant information?  

Evergreen Life is all about putting you at the heart of your own healthcare so you can feel better informed, more in control, and have the best chance of staying well, for as long as possible.  

Our app allows you to bring all your important health information together in one place, including access to your NHS-assured GP services, personal health records, personalised wellness tips from our questionnaires, and even DNA genetic reports. And you can share this with whomever you choose, so you get the level of health and care you want.  

Evergreen Health Solutions

We offer solutions for healthcare providers across both primary and secondary care that facilitate a new, efficient relationship between provider and patient, including our unique digital-first Evergreen Connect platform. 

Evergreen Health Services

Our primary care services, are designed to tackle waiting list times and improve prevention of illness includes 7 fully managed GP practices. 


The Evergreen Life app facilitates a virtual trial platform that allows research partners to ask previously unanswerable questions about key determinants of health and wellbeing, enabling personalised research that will help improve health outcomes for all. 

Evergreen Life's Values

We empower individuals and organisations to help create a positive social and environmental impact. 

We’re conscientious, supportive and abide by our responsibility towards each other, our customers and the products & services we deliver.

We promote a progressive culture and encourage innovative thinking to enable us to make a positive difference to people’s lives and the world around us. 

We put people at the heart of everything we do and recognise that an organisation’s people are central to delivering both financial and non-financial returns. 

An uncompromising commitment to moral and ethical standards and behaviour. We always aim to do the right thing. Honouring our commitments and acting responsibly and in good faith. 

Who we are

We’re people that work to empower other individuals. A team of motivated, innovative, relatable wellbeing experts and developers based in Manchester, changing the healthcare world for the better.

Proud to be B Corp certified

As a certified B Corp, we’re part of a growing community of organisations that are using business as a force for good! Being a B Corp means we’ve passed a rigorous certification showing our business makes a positive impact on our community. 

People matter most to us. From supporting the wellbeing of our employees and the wider world (we’re a health app after all!), and taking steps to reduce our environmental impact, we take our social responsibility seriously. 

Our story so far...

Founded in 2014 by CEO and former clinical pharmacist Stephen Critchlow, Evergreen Life was set up with the aim to help people access and control their own health records, sharing them with anybody involved in their care and wellbeing. With over 15 years of experience working within the NHS, Stephen realised that clear communication channels and access to information can help improve, and often save lives.

Evergreen Life allows people to take control of their health, wellbeing and medical records, which is more important today than it has ever been.

Stephen Critchlow, Founder and CEO

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