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What are GP online services?

Book and cancel GP appointments at the tap of a button

Order repeat prescriptions and get them delivered for free

Download your medical record with 24/7 access wherever you are

In control. Healthier. Happier.

The app is the best way to use Evergreen Life, because you can access all your GP services as well as exclusive app benefits such as the Wellness Score, personalised wellbeing tips and medication reminders.

Take control with the app
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Exclusive app benefits

GP services on the go

Book appointments easily, order repeat prescriptions, and carry your GP record wherever you go.

Wellness Score

Get a better picture of your wellbeing with clinically-reviewed questionnaires.

Set medication reminders

Give yourself one less thing to worry about with alerts to help you remember when to take your medications.

Trusted access

Securely share your information with family, carers & healthcare professionals.

Personalised wellness tips

Achieve goals in areas of your wellbeing like sleep, diet and happiness with our tailored insights.

Keep track

Record and monitor all your measurements from BMI to body fat and blood pressure.

Not to toot our own horn but...

With our app you can integrate your medical record with your personal health record so you always have the most up-to-date record of your health.

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Book and cancel GP appointments
Order repeat prescriptions
Download and view your medical record
Message your practice directly
Share your record with those who matter most
See health tips made for you
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FREE App Extras
Discover and improve your Wellness Score
Record your
Store documents and letters
Prescriptions delivered to your door for FREE
Add your own health information
Discover the inner you with DNA testing
Set medication reminders
Show and share health and fitness information
Track your health and fitness measurements

Connect to your GP services in the app

Download the FREE Evergreen Life app and then link to your GP using the codes provided by your practice.

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