Evergreen Research

Evergreen Life is dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of the nation through advancing  digital innovation in research  and unlocking the potential of real-world and genetic data.

How do we do it?

We partner with trusted research organisations who have the skills and capabilities to generate meaningful insights for our user-base and the general public.

We do this on behalf of our users, putting them in control how they contribute towards advances in health and life sciences research and ensuring they reap the rewards through personalised wellbeing insights in the Evergreen Life App.  

National footprint with over 3 million registered users

People Powered Research

Volunteers are the unsung heroes of research and we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to contribute to the generation of new knowledge that could improve their health and wellbeing.

Through digital innovation, we’re making it simpler, easier and more efficient for people to contribute to world-class research.  We are proud to support our digitally engaged user-base to participate in health and wellbeing research in two ways:

1. Enabling research insights through creating and sharing a PHR

When users create a PHR and allow our trusted researcher partners to draw insights from their anonymised data, ground-breaking discoveries can be made to improve their health and wellbeing. To enable this to happen securely/safely, we’ve developed Evergreen’s Trusted Research Environment.

2. Taking part in new research studies

When users accept invitations to partake in research studies they help to generate new data to progress specific fields or improve the lives of people with particular health conditions. We enable this through partnering with trusted researchers who invite our engaged userbase to join their studies via Evergreen’s Research Platform.  

Our research partners