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What can we learn from our community's drinking habits? We assess alcohol consumption levels across our community and see what lifestyle habits happier people tend to practise.

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Is alcohol linked to happiness?

Alcohol may help us feel a little more relaxed, but too much can negatively impact our wellbeing and physical health. So, we explored how alcohol may relate to happiness levels in our app community.

A small amount of alcohol per week seems to increase the likelihood of reporting a high happiness score. However, when alcohol consumption exceeds the NHS guidelines of 14 units per week, users seem much less likely to report feeling happy.

What else can we learn from those in our community who avoid binge drinking?

Why do insights matter?

Knowing these insights and unlocking more in the app can help you discover approaches that people in the app community are taking to stay happy and well. It’s all about seeing where you might fit in with the trends and learning from each other different ways to feel fitter, healthier and happier.

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