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Take control of your health and wellbeing with Evergreen Life, and experience the blissful state of Happychondria. 

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Bring all your health information and GP records together in one place. Book GP appointments, order NHS prescriptions and get insights on how to be as happy and healthy as possible with the Evergreen Life app. 

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How it works

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Why download your record?

You may think that a copy of your record is transferred seamlessly when you change GP or visit the hospital, but this isn’t usually the case. With Evergreen Life you can ensure you always have an up-to-date copy of your medical record to hand

GP online services

Save yourself time with NHS-assured patient online services. Book GP appointments easily, get repeat prescriptions delivered and download your GP medical record.

Available at GP practices in England now.

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Are you as well as you could be?

Taking control of your health starts with understanding it. Based on your answers to clinically-reviewed questions, your Wellness Score out of 100 helps you see if you’re doing all you can to be healthy and provides insights on how to optimise your wellbeing.

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Your most accurate health record

Your GP, hospital and other records aren’t joined up, so it can get pretty tricky having to repeat the same information over and over. With Evergreen Life, you can build an accurate, up-to-date health record in the palm of your hand.

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