Meet the wellness experts

Matt Jolley

Fitness Consultant

Meet Matt Jolley, fitness consultant at Evergreen Life. He is a certified personal trainer with a specialty in obesity, diabetes and a passion for health.


Matt is a qualified Personal Fitness Trainer with a wealth of experience working with people to help them look and feel better. Within the Wellbeing Team at Evergreen Life, Matt's goal is to encourage the development of healthier habits every day - regularly making small improvements, to bring about the long-term changes that lead to a happier, healthier life.




Interests & Specialisms

Matt’s early studies saw him become an expert on managing posture through exercise. This led to the development of a client base consisting largely of people with lower back pain and soon after that, other long-term conditions. Matt is proud to have now worked with and helped many people who suffered with a long-term condition, ranging from arthritis and high blood pressure to depression and anxiety.