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All new for a new you

The next generation of wellness is here. We've made major changes so you can take more control of your health. You'll still find everything you could do before - all shiny, new and improved.

Personal Health Record

Your health data. Yours.

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Be travel safe

Vaccination reminders will remind you when your booster or re-vaccinations are due.
Img: phone receiving a notification for a Vaccination reminder; icon: vaccinations.

"Wellness score"

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Monitor your health goals

Track your health and fitness measurements, including blood pressure and sugar levels so you're on top of your health targets.

Discover your DNA

Unlock your health secrets with genetic insights to help you get fitter, clear up your skin and eat healthier.
Learn more about DNA testing

Securely store your documents

Store any documents and letters related to your health in the app, so you’ve always got them to hand.

Storing all her documents in the app helped Sarah's mum finally reach a diagnosis.
Read Sarah's story

A complete historical picture of you

Content: "Timeline".
Img: Timeline on phone; icon: timeline.

NHS in your hands

Your GP Records, Appointments, and repeat prescriptions - now in your hands.
Img: list of GP record sections on background, GP score on foreground; icon: GP.
Providing NHS Services

Never miss a pill

Take the headache out of managing your medications by setting medicine reminders and record whether or not you’ve taken it.

"It should basically be called my ‘medical lifesaver’ app."
Sarah, blogger from Northamptonshire.

Own your medical history

Download your GP medical record and get access to your medications, letters, consultation notes and test results.

Access to test results from the last 30 years is helping Patrick get his health back on track.
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Share with those who matter most

Get the best care possible and give peace-of-mind to your family or health providers with secure access to your shared health information.