Prepare for remote GP consultations by downloading your record

Ensure you and your GP have access to your medical history and information in the event of remote GP appointments by downloading your record to your Evergreen Life app.

During the Covid-19 outbreak, you and your family may have to stay at home and have remote doctor’s appointments via phone or video. You can plan ahead and make sure you’ve got access to your medical information wherever you are by downloading your GP record in the Evergreen Life app.

Evergreen Life is free to use and is an NHS-assured provider of GP services. It’s the ONLY GP services app that allows you to keep a copy of your record yourself.

Efficient digital GP consultations

If you’re unwell or develop new symptoms, your GP may offer you a remote, Digital Consultation, over the phone or using video.

By linking to your GP and downloading your medical record using the Evergreen Life app, you can ensure both you and your GP have access to your medical history and information during your appointment to ensure you get the best care and treatment for you.

Give everyone the full picture

If you become unwell, other health and care professionals in your area may be asked to see you. If you have a copy of your medical record, you can share it with them to ensure you always receive safe advice based on your existing medical conditions and the medicines you’re already taking.

Easy access to your prescriptions

If you need your existing medication or if you’re prescribed new ones, you can order your prescriptions online very easily to have them delivered to your door.

Keep your loved ones safe

Help prepare your friends and family by encouraging them to also download their own records. They can share their records with you using the app too, so you all have access to the health information of your loved ones should you need it.
How to access your GP record
With the Evergreen Life app, you can download your GP record by connecting to your GP services. You can do this remotely and in minutes using NHS login - so you don't even need to leave home. Just look for the blue NHS login button in the app and follow the steps on screen to get connected.

Your GP services allow you to:
Even by taking such simple steps as using an app to access your GP services, you can play a part in fighting the spread of Covid-19.
For more information on Covid-19, visit the Public Health Matters website.

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