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The future of health and medical research depends on all of our information. By joining the Evergreen Life community of Data Donors, you can help power research which seeks to prevent and beat disease sooner, whilst shaping your own wellbeing goals right now. 

Why share your data?

Data: we often hear of reasons you might want to keep it private – and sometimes for good reason. But gifting your health data responsibly has the power to be used as a public good, potentially improving health outcomes and saving lives in the future.

You can be a part of this now and advance the future of medicine.

Join our Data Donor community

At Evergreen Life, we’re on a mission to improve the health and wellbeing of everyone, right now and for the future.

In the Evergreen Life app, you have the choice of whether to join our community of Data Donors who opt to share their anonymised health information for significant research projects.

What is your health data?

Our Data Donors contribute data from app questionnaires and health records. It’s your experience of navigating your health journey: what conditions you have, treatments you’ve tried, symptoms, how you feel and what your lifestyle is like. 

Where does the data go?

As a donor, your data is always analysed anonymously and shared with researchers in academic institutions, the NHS, or the medical industry - ONLY when there is a clear benefit to the health outcomes of people.

Sharing your health data is easy (and safe!)

Simply download the Evergreen Life app, create an account opt in to be a Data Donor and start tracking your health and lifestyle.

Rest assured

Your information is always stored securely. It’s your choice to become a Data Donor and if you do opt in, your data is analysed anonymously and only for research that benefits health outcomes for you and the community.
You can opt out at any time.
We will NEVER:
Give or sell your medical record to anyone without your specific consent.
- Provide any third party with direct access to your personal data.
- Share tracking IDs or cookies with advertisers or any other organisation.
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Your health data could help people who are just like you. It might even save their lives.