Our content style

Simple, positive, energy

The Evergreen Life brand is built on one simple mission: to empower people to take greater control of their health. Our tone of voice lets people know how passionately we care about making healthcare and wellbeing simpler and millions of lives better. The following three words will help you do just that.

Visual elements


Being clear about what we offer is vital to engaging people. So always get straight to the point and keep our sentences short. Use simple, everyday language too. Simplicity is reassuring. And the more accessible we are as a brand, the more people we can help.

Tip: Avoid too much industry jargon or technical speak. It tends to leave people confused.


We wouldn’t say...
As a result of technological advances, Evergreen Life is now in a position to simplify many of the processes associated with the sphere of primary and secondary healthcare.

We might say...
Using the latest technology, we make the world of healthcare simpler.


We understand many people are worried about their health & wellbeing, but we prefer to focus on solutions rather than problems. Our tone of voice is no different. Be genuine, caring and helpful, but approach the subject of health in a bright, upbeat way that leaves people feeling empowered.

Tip: We’re here to give a sense of personal power. So avoid negative language that focuses on the problem.


We wouldn’t say...

At Evergreen Life, we’re here to help you manage all your health problems.

We might say...

At Evergreen Life, we’re here to help you take control of your health & wellbeing.


Once we’ve established a simple, positive writing style, we can afford to add some extra energy. We can do this by making things punchier. Vary the length of your sentences and use proactive words that focus on taking action. Can you feel a sense of energy in your writing? Could you be more concise? The fewer words the better.

Tip: Contractions give the feel of an energetic, contemporary brand. Opt for words such as ‘we’ll’, ‘we’re’, ‘we’d’, rather than ‘we will’, ‘we are’ and ‘we would’.


We wouldn’t say...

Health can be in your hands now that we have launched our new application.

We might say...

Put your health in your hands with our brand new app.


When you’re using images, make sure they fit with our brand values and principles. Choose fresh, vibrant images that reflect the Evergreen Life essence.

Focus on the detail of the person, putting the individual at the heart of the image. The image should focus on the person or situation, attracting the eye to the action in the shot.

The image should be natural and not appear ‘staged’. For instance, any human interactions should feel natural and unforced. The image should capture a moment, an everyday situation, or action, depending on the message behind it.

App screenshots

When explaining to users how the Evergreen Life app works, in the Help Portal for instance, try to use screenshots of real events where possible. They should not appear in device mockups.

When app screens are used for promotional purposes, such as on webpages, social media, etc. screenshots should be placed in device mockups and can be enriched to enhance elements.


The Evergreen icon family is fun, playful and easy to understand. They show a softer side to healthcare, working well across all media and digital channels.

Icons should be used sparingly, and only when they add to the message they appear alongside.

Icons can be stylised for individual purposes.


We sometimes use illustrations to add personality and vibrancy to a webpage. Illustrations should be used when photography cannot be used appropriately.

While we have no set style for illustrations, use what already exists as a base for new images.