Not just another digital triage platform, askmyGP encompasses everything a PCN needs to run efficiently, using real-time data to drive operational optimisation. All while making it simpler for patients to talk to their own doctor, and for GPs to prioritise and deliver care through message, phone and video.

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Patient experience

Improve your patients’ experience instantly with access to askmyGP.

Requests can be made simply and quickly via the Evergreen Life app, website or by telephone. By answering a few short questions, with the opportunity to explain their symptoms in their own words for clarity, patients can quickly request support from your practice - whether that be a consultation, repeat prescription, self help resources or sick notes.

Push notifications mean patients will never miss a message again, while their entire request can be viewed, managed and updated themselves, or by a parent or carer.

What does askmyGP do?

Workflow management

Forget moving between systems; askmyGP is the one platform that does it all, designed with operational efficiency at its heart.

• Clinical system write-back
• Clinical coded patient forms
• Clinical coding look-up
• Clinical system patient import
• Automated patient invites
• Workforce pool across PCN
• Workload distribution within PCN
• Flag cases in order of priority

Data and analytics

Use real-time data to optimise your practice(s) and services to suit the changing needs of your patient cohort.

Access industry-leading insight into demand at your practice via a personalised dashboard, providing a comprehensive understanding of your patients’ activity - whether that’s daily, hourly, or yearly trends. We enable efficient analysis of resource gaps, making it easier to redistribute workload accordingly.

Metrics include...
Speed of response / method of closure vs. requested method / patient feedback / patient demographics / continuity / repeat user frequency.

Benefits of askmyGP

How it works in practice

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Our vision: People Powered Health

Our holistic approach to health and wellness means starting users on a life-long journey to maximise the number of healthy and happy years they can enjoy.

We work with app users, healthcare providers and research bodies to achieve this goal; but how does it all fit together?

Ready to get started?

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