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Evergreen Life becomes a Certified B Corp!

Evergreen Life is proud to announce that we are now B Corp certified! Being a B Corp means we’ve passed a rigorous certification showing our business makes a positive impact on our community. We’re now part of a growing global movement that use business as a force for good and puts people first. Let us explain a bit more.

What is a B Corp?

Put simply, B Corps are businesses that balance purpose and profit. Certified B Corp companies pursue social and environmental goals in order to benefit the greater good. So, B Corp is a certification for corporations, a bit like the Fair Trade stamp you see on a cup of coffee. B Corp is also a community or network where we can all learn about more sustainable ways of doing things.

Since its founding in 2006, B Corp certified businesses include Patagonia, Ben and Jerry’s and Danone. And we’re very proud to be joining this group of ethical and inclusive businesses.

“We can no longer define success as just greater profits. That’s obviously important (no margin, no mission). But true success leads to a stronger and healthier community and environment as well.”


Why did we seek B Corp certification?

Evergreen Life is part of the Evergreen Group of business, whose core mission is about empowering people. We believe that profitable businesses are created through delivering benefit to society. We put people at the heart of everything we do and recognise that everyone has the ability to make a positive impact in the world. We exist to help them achieve that.

From supporting the wellbeing of our employees and the wider world (we’re a health app after all!), and taking steps to reduce our environmental impact, we like to take our social responsibility pretty seriously.

What’s the B Corp certification process?

First of all, to become a certified B Corp you need to start with the B Impact Assessment which is a pretty rigorous task. But you wouldn’t want it to be easy! This way, you know it means something. The evaluation tool is an internationally recognised standard that scrutinises a whole host of different areas of the business, including:

  • How the company treats its employees, such as financial security and career development
  • The impact the business has on its customers and the wider community
  • Accountability
  • Governance
  • Transparency practices
  • Environmental management

All B Corps must meet a minimum performance benchmark and maintain this too – so no slacking! We have to make sure we hold ourselves accountable and continually make improvements, as we know we can always do better.
The assessment involves extensive documentation, interview, and may require an onsite review. It’s not enough to say you’re doing good; you’ve got to walk the talk too.

How do we measure up?

With the B Impact Score, we now have a tool to continually measure ourselves over time, a rating we can use to learn where we can improve. The score assesses all aspects of the business, including the inner workings and its overall positive impact. B Corp publishes all certified scores, and you can see the breakdown of our B Impact Score here but here are a few of the headlines.


We believe when people are treated fairly, everyone wins. Our B Corp status is cemented by ensuring our employees have financial security and prioritising their health, wellness and safety above all. Meet our friendly bunch here!


We score highly on our B Impact Score in terms of Customer Stewardship. As a health and wellbeing app, we care about supporting people to feel more well. In fact, our mission is to help increase everyone’s healthy and happy years, by equipping people with the right information at the right time. Find out how the Evergreen Life app helps people take control of their health.

While we’re proud of our initial certification score, we’re excited to continue raising our own standards.

About Evergreen Life

Evergreen Life lets people own and control their personal health information and access their NHS-assured GP services all in one place, helping to drive informed, efficient healthcare and giving people the best chance of staying well.

“We call it People Powered Health. And we mean it.”

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