Company Overview

Evergreen Health Solutions Ltd is a person-centric health and wellbeing platform that delivers value-based outcomes for users, healthcare providers and researchers across three verticals: personal care, digital healthcare solutions, and research.
Founded in 2014 and now serving over 3 million users, we are uniquely placed to meet the challenges in healthcare and health research, where the focus remains on treatment rather than prevention, costs continue to rise for governments and taxpayers, and where single new drug costs sit at over $1.3bn on average.

Personal care

Our Evergreen Life app provides a health and wellbeing platform to hundreds of thousand users, many of whom are also linked to their GP allowing them to manage their Patient Facing Services, as well as their personal health record.

Our healthcare integration allows for appointment and prescription requests, and other services, at almost every practice in England.

Digital healthcare solutions

Evergreen Life offers healthcare solutions across the United Kingdom through our primary and secondary care offerings.

Our solutions help people take control of their health and care, whilst improving efficiencies across the NHS. Discover more about our different solutions below.


Our virtual trial platform allows for low-cost research. Partnering with 20 UK universities as well as a major pharmaceutical company, we leverage AI and machine learning with our demographically representative database to aid reducing costs for new drug research.

Evergreen Health Services

Our primary care services, are designed to tackle waiting list times and improve prevention of illness includes 7 fully managed GP practices.