Secondary care solutions

Evergreen Life is working in secondary care to support providers with issues of prioritisation, use of resources and wait times.

Using digital health solutions for referrals and PROMs, we help staff to balance administrative and clinical time management to do what they do best; care for patients. 

Cievert is now part of Evergreen Life

View the full range of solutions on the Cievert website. 

Casper referral system

Casper is our specialist secondary to tertiary referral management system to accelerate treatment and improve safety for patients. Manage complex referrals of any clinical discipline, including Oncology, Pathology and Endoscopy, within and across trusts.


Engage your patients in their own care and reduce unnecessary follow up appointments by utilising Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs). Understand your patients’ needs and expectations from their perspective, so that you can prioritise and deliver care to those who need it most.